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Posted - 5/1/2000 8:00:26 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I had my zoom external exchanged to a USR external that is 56k. My isp at home with sprint really is slow even though the connection speed would read 45333bps when i would experience little response from the modem. However, when i connect to my university account i get 45333bps but i get a consistent throughput. I'm thinking that i should change my home isp to another isp. My question is that Sprint rents out their network to this particular isp that i want to try out so am i still paying to be connected to the sprint server even though it's owned by another isp? i signed up for those free internet site specifically altavista, but throughput is also pretty bad. This is the 5686 modem.
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Posted - 5/2/2000 8:45:58 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
Re your Sprint connection:
Check the modem's i6/i11 after a connect for blers, retrains, final rates & if you have retrains and lower final rates, try limiting the connect speed: Link

See my 'Trouble Beyond the Modem' pages - Link for info on isolating problem at your ISP / or beyond your ISP.

If the local ISP has their own access equip & modems and then is connected to the Sprint backbone, AND if the Sprint problem is with their modems and not the backbone, you might be OK; If the local ISP uses the Sprint access # (or if last digit is the only difference), chances are you will have the same problems.


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Posted - 5/3/2000 11:06:24 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I decided to reinstall the drivers again because the choices are quite confusing. there are five entries of possible "us robotics external faxmodem' that i can choose from. I kept looking on the box, the manuals but i couldn't tell which of the entries i should select for the drivers because all seem to say "US robotics ext...". The previous one i selected was US Rob. ext. fax. which was giving me really bad throughput and stuff and lags. The current one i'm trying is US rob. ext. fax. pnp. This one had the lastest date out of the possible selections. I hope i'm making sense. Well, i think it's working cause, i'm noticing few or no non reponding periods that i usually experience while connecting to sprint and i don't have any special modem strings to get it going. Cross my fingers that this is the actual fix to my previous problem. thanks for you reply. i've learned a lot from your webpage and keep up the good work on the site.

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