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Posted - 10/9/2000 12:30:47 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I can't get Dial-up networking to find my modem. The modem works for AOL, but I'm trying to set it up for a local ISP using dial-up networking. I followed the instructions from MicroSoft --

"A 32-bit TAPI program may not be able to access installed modems. Even though there is a modem installed, the program may start the Install New Modem Wizard, or may not allow you to select a modem.

For example, when you start the Make New Connection Wizard in Dial-Up Networking, the Install New Modem Wizard may start even though a modem is already installed."
This example is exactly what's happening!
The instructions go on to say re-extract the unimdm.tsp file. I did that and later I also re-extracted the unimodem.vxd file.

And, I've removed the modem and the Com ports and let Win98SE find them again -- done this a bunch of times. According to the settings in control panel, the modem is installed on Com 2, Interrupt Request 9.

I've tried renaming the telephon.ini file and having it recreated -- it was the same.

Have you got any suggestions? I need this thing to work outside of AOL.

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Posted - 10/28/2000 10:30:19 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
I'm not sure I understand your problem.
What version of Windows are you running?
Describe what you click, starting at the desktop, until you encounter problem, and what error you receive. (ie, my computer->Dial-up-Networking->Make New, etc...


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