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Posted - 7/17/2001 7:13:18 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message

I have a 3com/USR external 56K Message modem (045668-01) with v2.02 of PhoneTools software and mdm3cmm2.inf modem driver. I have Windows 98 SE operating system. The Independent Mode was not working, so I entered the command
"AT&F1+MCA=1+MCV=1+MCF=1+MCW" through PhoneTools terminal window. Now the Independent Mode is working but it's on all the time and I cannot turn it off in the "Independent Mode Configuration" setup. The only way to switch off independent mode is by switching off the modem itself. How can I delete commands from the modem once entered? How can I turn independent mode on and off?

The other problem that I have is related to the fact that I have Telstra's Faxtream Duet service installed on my phone line which means that I have one phone line but two separate numbers: one for voice calls and one for fax calls and the phone rings with a different pattern depending on the type of call I am receiving
(I live in Sydney, Australia). I would like to set up PhoneTools so that I can receive faxes only through the modem in Independent Mode, because I would like to keep using my regular answering machine for voice messages.

What kind of settings do I need to enable the modem to be setup for this purpose? PhoneTools 2.02 has a Distinctive Rings button under General configuration, Communications. It has a selection of Rings A, B, C, and D. The fax number rings with three short rings for each ring cadence. The standard ring is two rings for each ring cadence. I am not sure which ring type corresponds with which ring pattern and what I should set them for: default setting, manual answer, fax, data or voice, if I do not want the modem to answer voice calls.

What other settings do I need in:
General Configuration, Communications, Reception Mode: Fax, Data, Auto voice/fax/data?
General Configuration, Communications, Rings before answering: 3, 4, 5? (My regular answering machine switches on after 6 rings).
Independent Mode configuration, Mode: Fax, Voice, Fax and Voice?
I have tried all the different settings but I could not get it working for the purpose I have mentioned above.
What is the AT command for enabling Distinctive Ring?

I have been trying to get tech. support from U.S. Robotics since Nov. 2000 unsuccessfully.
Thank you, Eszter

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