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Posted - 11/2/2001 7:33:43 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I hope this isn't to basic, but have been out of the modem loop for some time (cox cable).
I would like to know how to get greater than 26.4 connections between the office and home. Office is running NT 4.0 server with ext. 5686. Home, Win Me with 56k PCI 2976(oem). I read someplace v34 is as high as you can go between two USR modems, is this true. If so what do I need at the office to speed up the connection (please don't say cox!). Any and all suggestions welcome.


Bob Starnes
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Posted - 11/2/2001 10:21:51 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Force both modems to V.34/33600 or less, two 56K ANALOG modems will only connect at upload speeds (V.34).

If the office modem or you modem is on a line that has an extra A/D convertion ("pair gain" line, or PBX) on it then 26400bps will be tops.

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