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Posted - 7/13/2000 8:57:16 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I just got a (3com usr sportster pci 56k fax winmodem int)before this modem I could only connect at 26.4, 28.8, and 31.2bps. Well now I get 37.3 and 44.4?
But these higher speeds or unstable I drop my connection all the time and my downloads or horrible!
At the lower speeds everything is ok but slow.
What do I do, my modem is already 56k flex and v.90.
The newest updates and drivers. Its line noise or
more than 1 a/d coverter? What can I do to get the phone company to fix this? Or what can I do.
If you tell them it drops connections they will try
to fix it want they? Thanks for your time...
And your site and info here is great!!!!
I just moved to and its in town and right by the box, also from the box its copper wire to the office?
I cannot get DSL right now and I don't want ISDN.
Also this tech person told me if I ordered ISDN they
would be forced to come and upgrade the box on the pole by my house and then..... he said I might be able to
get DSL after that? Can they put a filter on the box or line to help with the line noise?
Mark Hyatt
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Posted - 7/14/2000 10:24:32 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
3Com/USR modems are x2/V.90 - they do not support K56Flex.

You should
(a) check for firmware upgrade for your modem (see 3Com Link -

(b) examine i11 V.90 status line to see what impairments the modem detects

(c) try other ISPs, local & toll #s to see if your problem is specific to your current ISP, or if it exists to all #s.


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Posted - 7/14/2000 6:57:30 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
there is no updates this is the newest one and I believe it says 56k flex and v.90 and it does not do
the x2? or it does not mention it? I'm most likely wrong thou. It does it no matter what, any where.
So I got into it big time with the phone company today
they are coming tommorow and supposed to look into?
What can I ask them or do to get this worked out?
Thanks for your time and help!
I think it's line noise or more than 1 a/d converter?

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