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Posted - 4/3/2006 4:01:01 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  Mephituss Homepage
downspeed is good (45-46k)... its that upspeed thats killing me(24k) ...

ive tried; checking the phone jacks/demarc -- switching 56k off (get 28.8 down 24.0 up... still stuck at 24.0)... and an init string trick of S202=32 (disable A/D detection) that supposedly helps... it worked (i got a whopping 26.4) but the connection seriously messed up after a while... so i quit using it...

any tips?

this might be a case of TMI but here goes;

modem is a hayes accura v.92 RS232 external...

init string used;
(ATZ is issued first.. to reset the modem then;)

(btw, yes.. the modem really stayed on the web for a solid 8hrs)

Rockwell Diagnostics/Linux, version, compiled at Jun 13 2002 22:54:47
(c) 2000 Stanislav V. Mekhanoshin (, 2:5030/172.9@fidonet)
Connection time : 08:00:11
Handshake Time/Retries : 24 sec/0
TX Rate (Last/Init/Min/Max) : 24000/24000/24000/24000
RX Rate (Last/Init/Min/Max) : 45333/46667/42667/46667
Modulation/Protocol/Compression : V.90/LAPM/V.42bis
TX Symbol rate : 3200
Signal Level (TX/Power Drop), -dB : 5/1
RX Signal Level (Last/Min/Max), -dB : 9/9/9
Band Edge Lower/Upper, Hz : 150/3825
Round trip delay, ms : 28.500
EQM Value (Last/Min/Max/Negative) : 32/13/118/0
EQM Samples Running Sum : 00B7
EQM Last 10 Readings : 30 33 30 29 27 25 29 29 31 31
SNR Ratio (Last/Min/Max), dB : 39/39/39
TX Non-linear Encoding : OFF
TX Precoding : OFF
TX/RX Constellation Shaping : OFF/OFF
TX Trellis Encoding : 16 state
TX Pre-emphasis : 1
TX/RX state (Max TX/RX, Last TX/RX) : 87H/67H, 87H/65H
Error Correction Status : SABME:T UA:T,R XID:T,R SYNC
Dual PCM/120 Hz detection : No/No
Energy at 3750Hz/Average Energy : 4956/2348
RBS Pattern/Alternating RBS Pattern : 18/00
V.90 Digital Pad/A-law/HighPowerSrv : 6dB/No/No
Retrains (Issued/Granted/Fast) : 0/0/9
Renegs (Issued/Granted) : 9/0
Retrans per frame/Frames rejected : 1/156
Total number of REJ sent/received : NA
Last Retrain/Reneg reason : Fall-forward due to low EQM
Last Retrain/Reneg requested : Local Rate Renegotiation
Minutes Since Last Retrain/Reneg : 134
Disconnect reason : LINK DISCONNECT
Remote Manufacturer/Licensee Code : Conexant/Conexant
Remote Manufacturer's Product Caps : K56Flex, V.90
Remote V.8bis caps (type) : Digital (Server)
Remote V.8bis caps (K56Flex mode) : K56Flex prototype mode not supported
Remote V.8bis caps (K56Flex version): 1.1
Remote K56Flex RAM version supported: 70
Remote Coding used/forced by server : m-law/Yes
Remote controller version number : 0
Remote supports symbol rate (1,2,5) : 2743:ON 2800:ON 3429:ON 3429-TX:ON
Remote supports symbol rate (3,4) : 3000-L:ON 3000-H:ON 3200-L:ON 3200-H:ON
Remote power drop support : ON
Remote max symbol rate difference : 0 steps
Remote is a CME modem : No
Remote supports V.34bis : Yes
Remote frequency source : External
Remote is ITU/K56Flex neg/High IMD : Yes/No/No
V.8 bis CRe detected/early : Yes/No
CRe/CRd/CL/MS/ACK/NAK received : Yes/No/Yes/No/Yes/No
V.8bis success/V.8bis neg started : Yes/Yes
Quick Connect Info0 : Both modems indicate V.92 in INFO0
V92 debug information : Retrain/reneg/fast retrain successful
Call waiting count during connetion : 0
Last MOH Condition State : Idle wait for MOH action
Last MOH Datapump State TX : Sending A/B "Retrain State"
Last MOH Datapump State RX : Unknown
PCM Upstream RBS2 Detection : Unknown
PCM Phase4 Upstream Const./RR : 4-point/4-point
PCM Upstream Pad Detection : 0dB


never did no harm.. its DARE

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Posted - 4/4/2006 4:17:40 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
Yup- probably as good as it gets with the particular modem you are currently using;
It's possible - not guaranteed - you might get a slightly higher rate with a different (say USR Courier or Sportster) modem -
The absolute highest upstream rate possible would be 33.6k; - 24k = 71% of the max.

Aloha! Richard.

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