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South Africa
Posted - 9/29/2008 1:41:40 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Greetings! I will be grateful if anyone can say, what has gone wrong, and can I remedy it, in circumstances as below.

Is it possible that the modem's firmware has got corrupted and can be restored?:

My Zoltrix "Rainbow 56k with Voice Mail Speakerphone External High Speed Fax Modem" has worked well for years, previously in Win 95/98SE, and since over a year ago in Win 2000 Pro. The modem provided ISP dial-up connection (using a connection set up in Network and Dial-Up Connections) , faxing (using Winfax Pro 8.03) and Speakerphone function (using Supervoice 2.2).

Windows 9x found a modem driver "FM-VSP56e" (from Zoltrix) to be compatible; in Windows 2k Pro it is driver "Rockwell 56000 External Modem PnP"

Other information from an old Zoltrix web page is: Chip set Used: Rockwell ACF 56K (2 Meg ROM)

Since 19 Sept 2008 a malfunction is present: When I instruct "Connect" or start Winfax or Supervoice, the modem responds only if I have previously run Device Manager >Modem Properties >Diagnostics >Query Modem (which always succeeds). Otherwise, Windows reports Error 692 " .. hardware failure in modem .. modem is not responding", or eg SuperVoice says modem not responding. The malfunction occurs also if the modem has been working, but I then switch the modem off/on.

Here is an extract from Windows' modem log of a successful dial-up session:

09-23-2008 16:45:38.375 - Initializing modem.
09-23-2008 16:45:38.390 - Send: AT<cr>
09-23-2008 16:45:38.390 - Recv: <cr><lf>OK<cr><lf>
09-23-2008 16:45:38.390 - Interpreted response: OK
09-23-2008 16:45:38.406 - Send: AT&FE0V1&C1&D2S95=47S0=0<cr>

And here is an extract when unsuccessful and Error 692 came up:

09-23-2008 22:34:27.250 - Initializing modem.
09-23-2008 22:34:27.265 - Send: AT<cr>
09-23-2008 22:34:27.265 - Recv: AT<cr>
09-23-2008 22:34:27.265 - Command Echo
09-23-2008 22:34:27.265 - TSP(0000): Making call
09-23-2008 22:34:29.265 - Timed out waiting for response from modem
09-23-2008 22:34:29.265 - The modem failed to respond to the initialization command, Retrying one more time

Win2000 Pro Device Manager >Modem Properties >Diagnostics says:
Hardware ID SERENUM/RSS00B0. On tab Diagnostics I can click Query Modem; the result is:

AT+FCLASS=? 0,1,2,1.0
AT#CLS=? 0,1,2,8
ATI1 255
ATI3 V2.210 022-201-V90_2M_DLS
ATI4 a007840284C6002F
ATI5 022
ATI6 RCV56DPF-PLL L8571A Rev 33.00/33.00
ATI7 (C) Zoltrix International Limited.

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South Africa
Posted - 10/1/2008 10:27:05 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
This is not a reply, but additional info:
ADDITION 1 Oct 08: Zoltrix model is apparently FM-VSP56e2
ADDITION 1 Oct 08 after paragraph "Since 19 September .. always succeeds).:
Alternatively, modem responds if I have previously run Super Terminal v1.2 990520 (which always succeeds), from Pacific Image Communications, PIC. It looks as if Super Terminal sends ATZ, then a string AT&F&C1S9=15 . SuperVoice, also from PIC, is v2.2i, apptly 10 April 2000.

Thanks in anticipation of kind help.

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