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Posted - 11/14/2003 2:29:26 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
One thing I would do is to go to msconfig,startup and disable everything but explore,system tray,scanreg and try the connection.If connection is better then add one at a time to find out witch one is causing the problem.I would also want this modem on it's own IRQ.Disable any com ports that are not being used. You might want to run a good reg cleaner after all these modems installs.Clear you IE temp files and check your startup folder for icons of unneeded software startup.Might also be a IE problem might want to run IE repair in the add remove program. Click ctrl,alt,delete and see if Rnaapp is there after you disconect,if so end task and see if you have the shut down problem.
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Posted - 11/14/2003 9:42:08 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
The problem you describe with the Agere modem sounds like it's not the modem but the PC's networking - is there a NIC? Other PCI cards?

As for the Windows98 shutdown - this is a situation that I've run into a lot before (although I don't deal personally with many PCs with 98 anymore ) - and there's a MS KB article about what to do / how to troubleshoot Win98 shutdown problems -;en-us;202633&Product=w98

However - I think it could be:;en-us;222946&Product=w98
WDM Audio driver....?

Also see:;en-us;187607&Product=w98

Check your \windows\ tree for ltmodem.vxd or ltmodem.sys - which one or both is there? (Not sure about this - but later Win98 is able to use WDM drivers - original 98 had to use vxd; if you use vxd driver w/ 98, you may be able to avoid shutdown problems....?

Aloha! Richard.

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Posted - 11/15/2003 3:34:44 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  dawogs Homepage
I've apparently eliminated the W98 shutdown hangup. I've helped many a soul over the past 5 yrs in troubleshooting W98 shutdown problems, while I (fortunately) have only experienced it a couple times during the entire period.

I reinstalled the USR 5699B (in addition to the Agere modem) since I haven't experienced a shutdown problem w/either of the USR modems. Connected to my ISP with the 5699B @ 42,666 bps (which retrained to 30,666 bps) & it behaved as always. Disconnected and observed that RNAAPP.EXE was still loaded in memory (as it is with the Agere modem after disconnnecting). I didn't kill RNAAPP, but rather tried a normal shutdown & W98 did not hang. Uninstalled the USR 5699B & performed more shutdown tests w/Agere modem and W98 no longer appears to hang.

Charles - I've moved the Agere modem to another PCI slot since first installing, giving it a dedicated IRQ 3 (unshared). I do have an integrated NIC but don't believe it's causing a problem. I've performed numerous tests with it disabled, none of which have had any effect on the outcomes. I also performed numerous tests w/clean boot-up (no startup programs), and these, too, didn't appear to have any effect.

I've updated the Agere modem diary on my web site:

I also don't believe IE is a problem, as I've only used it once or twice since building the system (all IE Temp Internet Files are deleted). I prefer Opera and Mozilla to anything MS has to offer. It's a clean install of version 6.0.2800.1160IC (and I don't particularly care to update it). Over the past few years I've usually only experienced problems w/W98 after performing a "Microsoft-related" software upgrade or installation. When the PC hardware is no longer compatible with W98 (I know.. it's getting close now), I'll switch to Linux (as I will in no way support any OS that touts "Product Activation") and I "grew up" on Unix/Irix boxes anyways.

I have to travel all next week, but when I return I'll start working on Qwest (our serving Baby Bell) to try to get them to perform a BERT test. They unfortunately have a very poor reputation for assisting residential customers in anything related to PC modems, but I'll try to be persuasive. I'm very happy with the Agere modem, and I, too, think it backs up the (line) problems I've experienced with my two new USR modems. I'm sending the USR modems back today & will let you know if the replacements perform any differently (I wouldn't hold my breath).

Thanks again for all your great support!!!!

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Posted - 11/25/2003 3:30:55 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Well, I have a computer with two modems attached and I always get the one on COM2 if I just start Hyperterminal and go to the terminal screen. What I did was to create two Hyterminal sessions and save then with identifiable icons. Then when I start Hyperterminal, I select the icon for the modem that I want, then cancel it when the dialer window comes up. Hyperterminal will now be connected to the modem that I want to work with.

Regards, jimbo

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