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This is a moderated discussion of 56k modem issues, questions & answers operated by Richard Gamberg, author of the web site - and enriched by the voluntary participation of a number of modem experts!

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Forum 56 - 56k Modem Issues
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The above links appear on each Forum page and can be used to update your profile (to change your password, e-mail address, signature line, etc.), to register, or to search. You must register in order to post or reply to a message. Registration is free and open to the public.

Search: Allows you to find message on all or a single forum, on some or all dates, with word or words you specify.

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The Contents list on each forum is sorted every time you load it in order of topics that have the most recent entries. The software is supposed to display messages which have been posted or replied to since your last session with this icon:    and old messages with this one:

POSTING GUIDELINES - Posts should be on the topic of modems and Internet connectivity. Be nice - practice Aloha - refrain from using nasty language, please.

POSTING - If you want to post a new message, pick the Forum whose description best matches the subject of your post, then select the Post New Topic link. You need to enter a subject, and message. Click the Post New Topic button to add your message. (Your username and password should automatically be entered via your cookie; you can enter or change this if necessary. You may also Register, or have your password e-mailed to you from the posting screen.)

Posting Options:
Include profile signature -
If checked, the Signature entry you made in your registration will be added at the end of your message.
Remember details - If unchecked, your username & password won't be saved in your cookie - you'll have to enter them each time you post.
E-mail notification - If checked, you'll be sent an e-mail whenever a reply is made to your message. Note - this option is not available when you are replying to an existing message.

REPLY - To add a reply to an existing message, click POST REPLY while viewing the message. You will get the Post New Topic For [Subject] screen which is the same as the Posting screen described above, except you will not have an e-mail notification option.

Hyperlinks - [New 21-May-00] The software will automatically make text that begins with www. or http:// into a hyperlink. 

Formatted Text - If you need to include formatted output in your message (like output from modem diagnostic screen), it needs to be enclosed in [code] [/code] :

[code]Copied clipboard text from another application is pasted here by pressing shift and Insert, and will be displayed so that columns and line breaks show up properly.[/code] Copied clipboard text from another application is pasted here by pressing shift and Insert, and will be displayed so that columns and line breaks show up properly.

Smiley's - There are 4 smiley's you can include in your message with these codes:

[:)]    =
[:(]    =
[:P]    =
[;)]     =

Special Text Formatting - The following codes are supported:

[b]Bold text[/b]   - Bold text
[i]Italic text[/i] - Italic text
[quote]Will cause text to be indented[/quote] -             Will cause text to be indented.

Editing Message - You can edit/revise a message you have posted by displaying the message (topic), and clicking the edit icon that heads your message - . You can only edit messages you posted.

The Forum56 logo that appears at the top-right of all Forum pages can be clicked on to go back to the Forum Home Page.

Send Topic to a friend - this link appears above the display of all topics (messages). If you have a Java-enabled browser, clicking this link will open a pop-up window that lets you enter a name & e-mail address, and a pre-defined message (which you can edit) containing a link to the topic you are viewing. Quick & easy way to let someone know about a topic that may be of interest. [Note: Currently, this feature does not work on messages in which the subject contains an apostrophe.)

Register - Registration is required to post a message or reply. The registration screen has instructions, and is pretty simple: you enter a username, password, e-mail address and other optional information. No personal information is required, and if you don't want to supply your e-mail address, an address of nomail is accepted.

Note: You cannot take advantage of these features if you don't supply a valid e-mail address:

Bugs & Errors - If you encounter an error message, you can let me know via feedback. In most cases, re-entering the Forum via will get you back on track.


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