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Forum56 runs on the open-source ASP Forum software available from

I've personally modified quite a bit of the code: while the basic "beta" code that's listed on the site as "new" works and has only a few bugs, I wasn't totally satisfied. So, I've modified almost every module in the package myself.

Other third parties have developed enhancements based upon the original open-source code, and some offer these enhanced versions for a fee.

While the Forum may look like the very popular UBS boards, the technology behind it is very different. With ASP, all the information in the Forum is in an on-line database (MS Access or SQL). UBS uses scripts and creates a separate HTML file for each topic. On a popular board, this means tens of thousands of files on the server!

Modifications I've made include e-mail reply notifications, send topic to a friend, post and edit enhancements, the 'nomail' option, private mail option, a search function that works, and many more.

If you have an interest in my Forum software, contact me. (Requires a IIS server with ODBC for Access database.)

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