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Posted - 8/20/2000 5:10:05 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I need help that I'm not getting from either 3Com/USR or my ISP - all they do is point fingers at each other, and I'm stuck in the middle. I'm using a simple 7 digit local dialup number, but only connect on about 1/3 of the attempts - REGARDLESS of time of day or traffic load. On those successful attempts, I get a good solid 44K connection and decent throughput - with very few ruthless disconnects. On those failed attempts, I get DUN errors indicating (a) no answer, or - if initially connected - I get (b) "disconnected from the remote computer" during the account and password verification stage. Frustrating.
The ISP has two access numbers, one connected to a Lucent server and the other to a USR. I show a consistently faster connection rate accessing the USR, but no improvement in % of successful connections over the Lucent.
I ripped out all the old phone wire in my house and installed twisted pair. Signal is routed directly from the service entrance - through a surge suppressor - to the modem BEFORE returning to a parallel bridge serving the various phones in the house. No improvement is noticed when bypassing the surge suppressor. There's about a mile of phone company analog line before I'm converted to digital all the way to the ISP.
I'm using the mdm3comv.inf and 3comwav.inf drivers. The wav driver is because of the TAPI configuration I must have to integrate Symantec TalkWorks 2.03 fax and phone software.
If I had a phone line problem, I'd think it would show up as inconsistent connection rates during the successful connections. But when I connect, it's almost always between 40 and 44K. And I know the "no answer" errors are false, because I can listen to phone line and hear the incoming sync pulse.
I'm just hoping there's somebody out there that has seen this problem too, and has been able to fix it despite a lack of meaningful assistance from 3Com or their ISP. I can't help but think I just need to make a minor modification to the init string to make my 5685 conform to whatever incompatibility the ISP has built into its server configurations.
Help anyone?

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Posted - 8/22/2000 7:36:31 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
You should look at your diagnostic screens after failed attempts - esp disconnect reason;

When you do not connect, do you get a double handshake? Does the handshake end as or after dialing attempt fails?

You could leeave your modem speaker on for troubleshooting to hear what's going on (assuming disconnect is after speaker normally silences). Put m2 in extra settings.


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