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Posted - 10/28/2000 1:59:47 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I have a usr 56k win fax int, I have tried countless
init strings and settings to speed up connection.
Nothing seems to work. The only speed I have ever been
able to establish is 28,800 or 31,200 occasionally.
I've done line checks and it always tells me my phone line is not capable of obtaining 56k. Hell I'll settle for anything over 28,800, I'm not picky. My ISP assures me they are v90 and x2 compatible. What can I do to improve my performance. Do the modem wizards that are advertised actually improve performance. Signed, disgusted

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Posted - 10/31/2000 8:55:29 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
No, no modem wizard or booster can get you a faster connection.

Check for more than 1 a/d conversion -


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