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Posted - 11/6/2000 4:37:54 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I have a 56K, ext/USR, modem, I am getting 2 to 4,5Kb/S throughput, Is there any way to reach more speed? I have Killbanner a killpopup they are useful surfing the web, but downloading pics or music not. Can I expect at least 7 or 8 Kb/s Troughput. Thanks

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Posted - 11/7/2000 1:25:07 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Unfortunately throughput can be an elusive goal.. it depends on many factors, very few of which are under your direct control.

Your connect speed is the most important factor (although you didn't say in your message, it sounds like you must connecting in the 36-40Kbps range from the throughput numbers you gave), and is the absolute limiting factor. If you right-click on the Dialup Networking icon in the taskbar tray next to the clock display at the bottom right corner of your screen, then left click on Status, you'll see a box giving your connect speed, and a display of the number of bytes transmitted and received. (Mostly useless, but it does let you see the i/o activity) Also, the connect speed is only the initial connect rate. The modem may shift speed up or down depending on the condition of the phone line, but at least the number in Windows is a good starting point.

When you connect, take a look at the connect speed. If the speed is lower than you usually get, try disconnecting and calling back. The weather may affect your best speed, and you may find differences at different times of the day, but you should generally be able to connect at close to the same speed most of the time. You want to try for the best connect speed in order to achieve the best throughput.

Another factor that can impact your throughput is the TCP/IP settings in Windows. This was a much bigger issue with Windows 95, Windows 98 and ME have pretty much optimized settings. If you're running 95, try getting a dialup networking optimizer like "TweekDUN" or "NetLightning". This will let you adjust the TCP/IP settings for better throughput than the Windows defaults.

And unfortunately, that's about all you can do on your end. Other factors, like server load and network congestion are beyond your control. If a lot of other people are trying to download from the same server you are, the data coming from the remote server will be arriving at your local ISP pretty slowly. Even with the best modem connection speed to your ISP, you can't get the data any faster than your ISP can get it from the net.

Another thing that can affect throughput is the type of data. With a highly compressible data type like text or MIDI files, you can acheive much higher effective speeds than with non-compessible data like .JPG graphics files. That's because graphics files are already compressed.

A throughput of 7 or 8 Kbytes might be acheivable with text, but the 5K you mentioned is probably the best you're likely to see with graphics.


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Posted - 11/26/2001 2:30:36 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
The easiest way to increase throughput is to move your house next door to the telco central office.

Results may vary...

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