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Posted - 11/11/2000 10:20:33 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Hi, I have USR Sporter winmodem ISA, 56K
On board, the FCC ID is: CJE-0418 and: CJEUSA-20778-MM-E
I can't find its driver in USR website (The 3Com/USr web really unsmart site. I don't know why they dont put Search for their Model numbers? Its is very simple thing!!!). And it not in the FCC ID list ether !!!
I am using Win98 and I need your help to find the modem driver to run.
Thank you.
Toan Tran Email:


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Posted - 11/17/2000 8:17:37 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
CJE is in FCC database - it's USR.
However, the FCC id identifies the manufacturer only, not the chipset or modem type.

What you need is a USR model #.

If the modem works, you can get the model # with
ATi7 from HyperTerminal. [Note: If the modem is a Winmodem, it will not work without a driver; however, if it is hardware controller, then it will work without a driver if you run HyperTerminal as described at .]

If the modem is an OEM model - ie, not a retail USR product - USR may refuse to offer you any support or drivers and insist you go to the OEM - which may be difficult to impossible....


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