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Posted - 11/16/2000 8:57:16 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I have a pc which came with an internal Supra56k on COM5. This isn't very reliable so i have installed a usr 56k faxmodem which is on COM1.
Problem I'm having is if i have an 'unsuccessful' dialup and i cannot connect, the pc hangs with the Dialing dialog box up. If i try to cancel it doesn't work. If i End Task after using Ctl+Alt+Del then it seems to End Task, but if I try to dial again, I get the message that another program is already dialing up - which it isn't.
The only way to dial up again is to shut the computer down using CTl+Alt+Del x2 which then works and starts up using Scandisk.
This is a real pain.
Is it having 2 modems on my pc?
btw, I have a Modem Riser which I guess is something to do with my Supra and am using WinMe.
I have thought about uninstalling my Supra but would prefer not to.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Posted - 11/17/2000 7:45:44 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
The USR on Com1 is [internal or external] [hardware controller or winmodem]?

Only way to redial is ctrl/alt/del x 2? - You cannot Start->Shutdown?

In your task list, what task are you ending, and what tasks remain after you have this problem?

What's the status of your modemlog file at point where your PC hangs (ie, check it after you come back up & before you do anything w/ modem)


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Posted - 11/17/2000 7:56:10 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Its a usr 56k external faxmodem (hard)
I can do start/shutdown sometimes.
In Task List - ending the Dialing Up task, other tasks remaining are the usual suspects so shouldn't be a problem.
I'll check out the modem log as suggested - thanks.

btw, can you confirm the driver that I should be using.
As I say its a USR 56K FaxModem external - model 5630. I've checked out the USR INF and Driver updates on the site but there is a choice of two which look possible. Perhaps I'll try both. But would help if it could be confirmed.
Also, I'm using WinMe which has preinstalled drivers for the modem - should I used these instead of the one on the CDrom from USR?
Sorry for so many questions.
Help is appreciated though.

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Posted - 11/17/2000 8:03:53 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Sorry, should have said it's a mode 5630
and the drivers that seem to be the right one is either mdm3com.inf or mdmusr01.inf (which it says is a 'universal' inf.

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