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Posted - 12/3/2000 4:59:02 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
My USRobotics 56K PCI internal Winmodem--3CP263595-OEM--is only connecting at 40000bps max and that connect is rare. Mostly it connects at 38600, 37000 orless. My friend across the street with the same ISP and a different USR modem regularly connects at 43000bps but no higher. A Modem speed test shows my actual connection at 1450cps or less than 14400bps...this when my screen said the connection was at 37000bps. I have checked with the telephone company and a line test shows the line is OK. Is there a better test the phone company can do, or are they telling me things are okay wth the line because they want me to go with Bell Sympatico and claim it's faster? The serviceman who did the line test says that Bell is only obligated to assure a 28000bps connection...and the outside line is not the problem. I tried to disconnect all other phones, answering machines etc, in the house but this didn't help. I bypassed the surge protector and went directly to the phone line jack in the wall--no help. I haven't tried a direct hook up to the main phone box. I checked that the modem is not sharing an IRQ. My modem is at #10 IRQ and also at #10 is ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ steering---whatever that is. My compression on connection is enabled. The modem is set to LAPM. The max speed is 115000. MY ISP tells me that they are set up for V.90 or flex, but not for 2X, but I can't find out which this modem is. The retailer is hopeless and 3Com site is no help, and their support won't help because it is an OEM modem. I tried to download a 3595-OEM driver from the 3Com site and change the modem driver, but my system tells me that the driver I have installed already is better for my modem. All of the 56K troubleshooting websites I can find are too technical for me...I don't want to take the chance of screwing up my computer, and I have NO IDEA what 3/4 of the info is all about. I don't want to take the chance of flashing because I know this can make the modem worse. Even trying to determine throughput is too technical for do I figure out how to give my modem a command? Free soft ware I looked at to maximize speed was all techno-gab. I have figured out how to get into the modem properties box and check the AT commands. Can't figure out if they're OK or not. I do hear some faint clicking noises on my phone line when I dial "1" and listen carefully. Am I stuck with a dud modem? Any suggestions that a normal everyday computer user like me can try to get this modem to maximize speed?
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Posted - 12/6/2000 9:41:22 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
Take you PC to your neighbor and try connecting on his line.
Different lines, even to the SAME building, can cause different connection rates.

Also: check i11 status line impairment reporting at both locations.


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