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Posted - 1/27/2001 4:53:35 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I have the above mentioned modem. I can connect on AOL at 33k-40k but the other ISP (Frontier) thru IE, I can only get a consistant 26.4K A few rare times 24K. I copied the strings that were different from AOL and added them to extra settings but no diff. I used to have a HSP modem and could occasionally get 38K to Frontiernet but then I was getting disconnected all the time and tech support said to get a USR. Also the modem log reports V.34 for the Frontier ISP and V.90 for AOL. Is there any way I can get the higher connect speed on the IE ISP? I know they have V.90 ( it took me 8 mins to download a 797 KB file at a 1.70 kb/sec avg.)!!!! ANY input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Posted - 1/28/2001 8:20:43 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
Chances are you cannot.
What does the y11 a/d conversion check info look like?
compare it on call to the 2 ISP's.
Note that differences in call routing as well as equipment firmware and the way it's connected to the telephone network among the ISPs may have an effect on your connect rate.

Note also that when you get a connect rate below 40k,it often will produce poorer throughput than a slower V.34 connect.


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