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Posted - 1/28/2001 3:25:55 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  
My sysadmin just blocked just about every port on my network i use (dont get me started) So i resorted to an ancient piece of technonlgy mo-dem

Sadly i never intended to use one so i didn't buy one when i made my computer, so i went and found someone who had one to sell and bought it.

I plug it in, start Windows 2000 up, i see it in DOS US Robotics 56k Win, or somthing to that nature, windows 2000 detects it as "US Robotics 56k Voice" then changes and installs "3Com Windows modem ISA ADI"

Alright fine with me as long as it installs, i start up AOL (sadly the only ISP my family subscribes to) and dial up an access number OK from here

I hear modem noises, dialtone, number being dialed (then some wierd quiet beeping noices) then ringing, then AOL picks up, fine all ok, i hear my modem noises and think im in the clear

then when i think its done, one of two things happens

1) CLICK it decides to hang up giving me the error "your modem was unable to establish a connection"

2) A nice long mono-tone that drives me completely nuts now

I've tried connecting with juno, same thing, as with hyper terminal,

SOMETIMES this happens, i connect to aol, then like 2 minutes later it boots me (figures)

I yanked out the modem and looked all over it for numbers (figured to get a new driver) this is what i got off it

On the place where the line connects on the inside there is a barcode with the number 222682148598 87252600 R:2

On a large sticker on the back there is 6000758 then a barcode under it then 1.028.0470.00

Then printed on the board is US Robotics Model 0613
and FCC Red No.: 4X2USA-25227-M5-E R 0.9b

Then in the modem properties i get this
Product ID: 87252600
VxD Rev: 1.00.024
VxD Date(date its made?): 9/13/99

I am at the end of my rope, i've spent about 8 hours looking for drivers today (curse USR's and 3com's support sites) and found nothing, i searched another message board and sent emails to 8 other people looking for drivers (one from half a year ago) hoping they were successful where i wasn't

If anyone has any info on drivers, or a way to fix this modem up to work (i'm about to write it off as a loss of 15 bucks and go buy a non-usr modem) i'd appreciate a reply here or a email to

Wow this is a long post =) anyway thanks for any help you can give

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Posted - 1/31/2001 10:41:28 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I can tell you that your better off not even trying to get this modem to work properly in Win2k.
I had similar problems with my 56k winmodem.
US Robotics does not care to give an updated driver to microsoft...hence USR 56k winmodems are supported by drivers that are meant to support 33.6k modems.
I contacted US Robotics and their reply was a form letter basically telling me "that's all we got".
My 56k modem has recently been recycled along with my opinion of 3Com/US Robotics.
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Posted - 2/4/2001 11:32:26 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
I would agree - a USR Winmodem is a poor choice (no matter what the operating system); get a Lucent Win Modem if you want a cheap modem.

If you want to try other things with the modem you've got, try disabling 56k.


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