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Posted - 2/7/2001 12:51:51 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  fredricks Homepage
I have an old Courier x2 v.everything.US/Canada version. 25mhz speed
I tried to flash it using sv25.xmd and Zterm.
I am a mac user PPC7200/120 System 9.04
I have tried the usr support line to no avail.
My Zterm program tells me that my modem firmware is corrupted and that firmware download is necessary.
When I try the firmware update I get a comment
that says: timeout on sector ack.
What is that?Can I get the original firmware from usr?
Is my modem toast? Please, Please help!

modem firmware corrupted!

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Posted - 2/9/2001 6:56:44 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
This is taken directly from the XModem information file for upgrading Couriers:


The Bootstrap Downloader


If the flash ROM should ever become corrupted, or the modem will
not respond to Xmodem or SDL.EXE download attempts, follow this
procedure to activate the flash ROM bootstrap downloader:

1. Power the Courier off.

2. Set DIP switches 1, 5, and 10 on and 8 off. (For internal modems,
use 1, 5, and 10 on, and 7 off.) The settings of the other DIP
switches are ignored.

3. Power the Courier on.

4. Start your communications software package and send the operating
software using the XMODEM protocol, or use SDL.EXE as with previous
versions of the Courier firmware.

5. Power the Courier off.

6. Reset the DIP switches to their previous settings.

7. Power the Courier on.

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Posted - 2/10/2001 9:33:06 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  fredricks Homepage
Does this mean I send the same file sv25.xmd?
I remember trying this procedure before
but I still got the same message
"firmware download necessary"
and still remain unable to send any files to the modem.
Is there some type of "original" firmware
for the Courier v.everything X2?
I will repeat the bootstrap downloader once again
but if you or anyone have any more help I'd appreciate it. Should I get any favorable results, I will post it
with bells and whistles on this most venerable forum.

modem firmware corrupted!

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Posted - 2/11/2001 3:12:10 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Okay, here's what ya' do.

Follow the procedure for the "Bootstrap Downloader" in my previous post, with one exception. Leave DIP Switch 8 set to "ON" for External Couriers, and 7 set to "ON" for internal.

When you open your terminal program, type AT~X!

And "C"s or other characters should start appearing onscreen. Send SV25.XMD through your terminal program to the Modem. When it finishes transferring the file, "OK" should appear (at the very least) in your terminal program. Then, complete the rest of the "Bootstrap Downloader" procedure in my first post. (Make sure you leave DIP Switch 7 for internal Modems and Dip Switch 8 for External Modems ALONE. They are to be left set to "ON" at ALL TIMES.)

If this doesn't work, post again. There's supposed to be another procedure for recovering Couriers with corrupt firmware. I will try to locate it.

Be aware that your Courier may be irreperably damaged if this post doesn't help you.
Edited by - Volor on 2/11/01 3:14:30 AM

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Posted - 2/12/2001 1:03:58 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  fredricks Homepage
Got it!
I did an ATI7 and this is what I got:
USRobotics Courier V.Everything Configuration Profile...

Product type US/Canada External
Options HST,V32bis,Terbo,VFC,V34+,x2,V90
Fax Options Class 1,Class 2.0
Clock Freq 25 Mhz
Flash ROM 512k
Ram 64k

Supervisor date 03/13/98
DSP date 03/13/98

Supervisor rev 7.3.14
DSP rev 3.0.13

Serial Number 21SZ29675R5V

Currently I am connecting at 49333bps.
I am assumming I have the latest firmware and the best possible speed my courier can muster.
Thank you so much for your help.
Any other tips you may have will be appreciated.

modem firmware corrupted!

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Posted - 2/12/2001 4:02:11 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
The latest F/W Rev. is 3/13/98, so you've got it!

One thing I've noticed about Courier Modems is that their performance when downloading files & gaming online is if you limit the maximum speed to one level below what the Modem generally upshifts to.

After a lengthy connection, check the ati6 diagnostics. Limit the maximum downstream possible by using &U &N.

More information can be found here:

I can't explain to you how to do it on a Macintosh. I'm not associated intimately with Macintosh computers.

You probably won't have to do this with your connection. I find it helps on low-quality phone lines.

An example. I'm 20592FT from the local Verizon Central Office. I connect at 38,666bps. My Courier upshifts to 45,333, and the Modem exhibits packet loss and spiking latency. It also upshifts and downshifts CONSTANTLY (Around 150 times per hour). If I limit it to 44,000bps, I generally get a max of 60 BLERS per hour, and a max of 1 or 2 upshifts/downshifts. My download speed is also 5K/sec, whereas It's around 4.3 at 45,333.

So you get the idea of how much this can help.

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Posted - 2/12/2001 7:38:20 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  fredricks Homepage
Thank you so much Volor,

My surfing habits have definetely had an upswing shift.

Not bad considering this is the first time I've used
this forum.

Thank you so…very much!

I guess the etiquette is to close this string?

modem firmware corrupted!

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