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United Kingdom
Posted - 2/10/2001 12:13:29 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message    LizardKings Homepage
Thats the best connection this modem has ever reached (USR 3CP2976)
I know its not the line as my old V90 modem was gettin a 48k connection
In the handshake it does however go silent around 1/2 way through it
Its doing it on all my ISP's
I did have a look through the archives of this site and yet to find a solution.
Ive asked this on another forum but it wasnt a Modem forum (overclocking to be more precise) and all they could come up with was that i had a bad connection which as my old modem proved wasnt the case.
Im on the virge of puttin this modem threw a high rise window. So Please help :)
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United Kingdom
Posted - 2/10/2001 1:43:46 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message    LizardKings Homepage
Some stats

at i11
U.S. Robotics 56K Voice INT Link Diagnostics...

Modulation V.34
Carrier Freq (Hz) 1959/1959
Symbol Rate 3429/3429
Trellis Code 64S-4D/64S-4D
Nonlinear Encoding ON/ON
Precoding ON/ON
Shaping ON/ON
Preemphasis (-dB) 0/4
Recv/Xmit Level (-dBm) 25/11
Near Echo Loss (dB) 32
Far Echo Loss (dB) 53
Carrier Offset (Hz) 1386
Round Trip Delay (msec) 3
Timing Offset (ppm) 1984
SNR (dB) 36
Speed Shifts Up/Down 2/0
Status :


Freq Level (dB)

150 28
300 27
450 26
600 25
750 25
900 24
1050 24
1200 24
1350 24
1500 23
1650 23
1800 23
1950 23
2100 23
2250 24
2400 24
2550 24
2700 24
2850 24
3000 24
3150 23
3300 24
3450 24
3600 26
3750 28

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United Kingdom
Posted - 2/13/2001 4:00:11 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message    LizardKings Homepage
Ok its connected now at V90 (i ended up soldering my phone line straight on the modem).
But can you please tell me if the stats above are Good or Bad.
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Posted - 2/13/2001 8:16:30 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Hey man, I have a very similar problem.

I have a 3COM USR 56K Message Modem brand new, and it never connects at V.90.

And the line and the ISP are V.90 capable, cos another cheap HSP winmodem connects a V.90 rates.

There is 5 sec of silence in the hanshake.

I've tested directly to te telco wires ( but no soldered with lead ).

Please tell me exactly what you've done.


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Posted - 2/17/2001 9:51:05 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
A receive level at -25dbm is rather low -
The 3300-3750 difference is much lower than on 'normal' phone lines - you're probably on a digtal carrier system which often presents problems for 56k modems.


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