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Posted - 2/15/2001 12:50:21 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
hi. i have a usr sportster 28.8 pc card faxmodem (upgraded to 33.6 using
flash rom firmware) model no. 1626. Recently, connection rates have fallen
from 31400/33600 to 26400/28800. i understand that x2 upgrade is available
and modem can run at 56k. also, i understand that there have been flash
rom/firmware upgrades. please forward info to make upgrades possible. thank

ps . below is a letter i read to corm what i am saying:

Recommendation: If you've experienced a drop in connection speedsafter
a USR modem to V.90, don't waste your time searchingfor a "fix" via
the newsgroups. The problem is almost certainly withthe modem (upgrade)
itself.... and you won't find anything on USR'sweb site that addresses the
problem or even acknowledges it. Gostraight to USR (3COM) and tell them that
want a RSO (RepairService Order) to have your modem fixed. Most of their
(ifregistered) have a 5 year warranty. This puts the ball in theircourt. The
is: support@usr.comBackground: I have a
internal 3COM (USR) Sportster modem mod#00084004 (originally a 33.6Kbps -
upgraded to X2). Following the X2upgrade, I logged onto my ISP at a
46.6Kbps. Four days ago, I made the mistake of upgrading to V.90 and my
dropped to 31.2Kbps (never varied).My ISP has 5 lines providing X2/V.90
capability and I was obtainingthe same results on all of them. These are the
same lines I was usingto obtain 46.6Kbps a week ago and the ISP said nothing
beenchanged. I downloaded and installed the Windows Driver recommended by
foruse with the 84-004 modem - located
I also deleted the modem and reinstalled everything. Nothing worked.My last
attempt was to try the 56K troubleshooting recommendations
These included disabling the V.90 function as well as disabling boththe X2 &
V.90 functions. Again, nothing worked and I searchedthe entire 3COM/USR site
looking for info on this problem..... to noavail. I also checked my line
(repeatedly) using the USR Line Test #(1-888-877-9248) - login as
"Line" & "Test". It consistently checkedout ok for 56k
usage.I contacted USR, outlined the problems I was having (above)
andrequested a
RSO on Sunday, 14 June. I received a reply on Monday andreceived the RSO
on Wednesday. I mailed the modem in today.3COM says that turn-around time is
7-10 days from date of receipt atthe repair facility. To make a long story a
little shorter: 3COM didn't hassle, haggle, ordispute the fact that the
didn't take...... they just saidsend it in. That indicates (to me) that they
aware of the problemand are probably hoping that most people just won't
the issue.To cap it all, today I purchased a brand new 3COM V.90
it, and obtained a rock solid ** 48000Kbps ** login to myISP on the first
A half-dozen follow up logins on the primaryand alternate access numbers
produced the same rock solid 48Kbpsconnection.It wasn't my line, my
computer, or
my setup. It was the USRmodem/upgrade..... and from what I've seen on this
and others, theproblem certainly isn't limited to the 00084004 model
waste your time if you're having problems: Start pushing thebuttons at USR!

Mr. K McDaniel
Department Head, (Computer/Business/Technology/Co-op)
St. Stephen's Secondary School
Board email :
Home email :">
ph: (905) 623-3990
fax: (905) 623-9991
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Date: January 30, 2001 7:00 AM
Subject: Re: 3Com Online Support Request [#1126417]

>Dear Customer:
>Thank you for connecting with 3Com's Technical Support center. We have
received your request for support and will process it in the order it was
received, usually within 24 to 48 hours. Please do not resend this message
as this will only further delay your response.
>You may also wish to access our website at for
technical support information.
>3Com Online Support

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