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Posted - 3/18/2001 6:08:05 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I have a USR Performance Pro PCI 56k modem. If I leave my machine on for awhile and try to connect to the internet via my ISP (, it dials up, dialog box says...Verifying account and password (or something similar to that), then it disconnects, and I get an error 691: "The computer you're dialing in to cannot establish a Dial-Up Networking connection. Check your password, and then try again." Or I get an error 720, not sure what that one says. I try to connect several times and same message. If I get lucky I can connect after maybe 5 times, but only at 32,000. If I restart my computer, I connect the first try and at 50,666. Also, my modem is on COM 5, is COM 5 normal for a modem? I thought there were only 4 COM ports. It also shares IRQ 11 with the video card, but in device manager there is no conflict. If anyone knows the answer please help. Thanks.

My configuration:
AMD K6-2 500MHz
Epox MVP3G5 w/ 256 MB PC100 ram
USR Performance Pro 56k modem
ATI Expert 2000 video
Soundblaster Live! MP3+
Toshiba CD-Rom
HP 9101 CD Writer+ 8x4x32

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Posted - 3/28/2001 8:40:09 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
COM5 is 'normal' for certain USR modems (yours).

Try modem in a different PCI slot.


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