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Bruce M. Burton
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Posted - 4/26/2001 8:10:36 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
My "new" used Courier V. Everything 56K V.90 Cannot connect with any ISP UNLESS V.90 is first disabled. Here's the readout from diagnostics:

Product type US/Canada
Options HST,V32bis,Terbo,VFC,V34+,x2,V90
Fax Options Class 1,Class 2.0
Clock Freq 25 Mhz
Flash ROM 512k
Ram 64k
Supervisor date 03/13/98
DSP date 03/13/98
Supervisor rev 7.3.14
DSP rev 3.0.13
Serial Number 328CBBJ8GCLA
Device ID: 00122404

So, it appears the unit has been upgraded and is up-to-date, ready to perform. I downloaded and installed the latest INF file: MDMCRV90.INF.

My own ISP does not support X2, and I cannot connect unless I first disable V.90. When I do, here's the result:


However, here are connects for two local ISP's who do support X2. Again, I must disable V.90 in order to connect at all, but when I do, I get much higher connect speeds:


The typical "56K" higher connect speeds for those ISPs who also offer x2 seems to indicate that this USR Courier still has its original x2 56K capability, but for some reason, when the modem was upgraded to v.90,
that upgrade never "took." Now, even though v.90 shows up in the diagnostics as an option along with x2 the modem cannot connect using v.90--in fact, v.90 must be disabled so that the modem CAN connect at
its next most logical protocal.

Ever hear of a "so-called" v.90 modem that acts like
this? If v.90 cannot be activated somehow, then this 56k modem can only be really useful with ISPs who also offer a legacy protocol of x2, and those must certainly be becoming few and far between.

Is it time to send this thing back, or is there a way to "force" the v.90 protocol to start behaving itself? Are there additional diagnostics to
tell if the v.90 upgrade is really "installed" and able to function properly? I cannot run the typical diagnostics which, using Hyperterminal, require a connection and then sending commands to the modem afterwards since I must always disable V.90 in order to correct at all.

Thanks for any insight.

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Posted - 4/27/2001 2:30:32 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Hello Bruce, it seems we both have the same type V Everything ISA modem.
Mine also is the 25 MHz clock type and has been upgraded to the same "latest" Supervisor rev 7.3.14 of 3/13/98
Mine "apparently" connects at V90 as stated in the modem log (below) but my problem, if you can call it that is that it always connects at 45,333 no matter which ISP I connect with.
I have three ISP accounts and none are "free" and all three support V90.
When I connect to any of the same ISP's on my wife's machine which uses a Diamond Supra Express external modem, the connect speed is either 48,000 or 49,666.
Here is a modem log of what I have:

04-27-2001 05:05:16.82 - Courier V.Everything INT PnP (V.90&x2) in use.
04-27-2001 05:05:16.82 - Modem type: Courier V.Everything INT PnP (V.90&x2)
04-27-2001 05:05:16.82 - Modem inf path: MDMCRV90.INF
04-27-2001 05:05:16.82 - Modem inf section: Modemin
04-27-2001 05:05:17.10 - 115200,N,8,1
04-27-2001 05:05:17.10 - 115200,N,8,1
04-27-2001 05:05:17.10 - Initializing modem.
04-27-2001 05:05:17.10 - Send: AT<cr>
04-27-2001 05:05:17.25 - Recv: <cr><lf>OK<cr><lf>
04-27-2001 05:05:17.25 - Interpreted response: Ok
04-27-2001 05:05:17.25 - Send: AT&F1E0Q0V1&A3&C1&D2X6S0=0<cr>
04-27-2001 05:05:17.42 - Recv: <cr><lf>OK<cr><lf>
04-27-2001 05:05:17.42 - Interpreted response: Ok
04-27-2001 05:05:17.42 - Send: ATS7=60S19=0L0M1&M5&K1&H1&R2&I0B0X4<cr>
04-27-2001 05:05:17.58 - Recv: <cr><lf>OK<cr><lf>
04-27-2001 05:05:17.58 - Interpreted response: Ok
04-27-2001 05:05:17.59 - Dialing.
04-27-2001 05:05:17.59 - Send: ATDT#######<cr>
04-27-2001 05:05:36.09 - Recv: <cr><lf>CONNECT 45333/ARQ/V90/LAPM/V42BIS<cr><lf>
04-27-2001 05:05:36.09 - Interpreted response: Connect
04-27-2001 05:05:36.09 - Connection established at 45333bps.
04-27-2001 05:05:36.09 - Error-control on.
04-27-2001 05:05:36.09 - Data compression on

You may want to compare your log with mine and see what differences there may be.
Please post your log for reference so someone else can make suggestions.
I sent V Richard, the Administrator of this BBS, a private email about my connect speed of only 45,333 but haven't received an answer from him yet.


Bruce M. Burton
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Posted - 4/27/2001 7:50:27 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Allow me to clarify:

My Courier V Everything is an external model. The problem is that despite the fact that it has apparently been upgraded, it cannot connect at V90--under any circumstances. With V90 disabled, it will connect at V34 or at X2 if that protocol is offered.

The modem logs which "Daddad" obtains are identical to mine since they use the same INF file, except I must add the additional command, SEND: ATS58=32 to disable V90. Then when I connect, my Recv line reads: CONNECT 31200/ARQ/V34/LAPM/V42BIS.

By contrast, with my SupraExpress 56Ke dialing into the same ISP number, I always get V90 connects in the range of 40-46K. So, right now a connect of "only" 45333 which Daddad obtains with his own Courier looks pretty good to me. I would be willing to trade modems in a flash-so to speak.

The bottom line appears to be that V90 is defective in this modem and cannot be cured short of reflashing the unit and hoping that will work.

Salutations, Bruce

Additional Information 04-27-01:

Thinking that the earlier V.90 upgrade had not loaded properly, I attempted to reflash the modem, using both the older code and the current code. Both attempts failed through "Error (15) Handshake Failed."
Edited by - Bruce M. Burton on 4/27/01 7:26:54 PM

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Posted - 4/28/2001 4:45:27 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
And what happens when you have V.90 enabled?
What does your y11 look like?


Bruce M. Burton
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Posted - 4/28/2001 8:37:33 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Thanks for responding.

Unfortunately, it's been impossible to get V90 diagnostics because the modem will not connect at V90--under any circumstances--no way, no how, nada, zip, zero, zilch . . . .

Here's the aty11 I did run with V90 disabled:


Freq Level
150 22
300 20
450 20
600 20
750 21
900 21
1050 21
1200 22
1350 22
1500 23
1650 23
1800 24
1950 25
2100 25
2250 26
2400 26
2550 27
2700 27
2850 28
3000 28
3150 28
3300 29
3450 29
3600 31
3750 35

Note: I've pretty much exhausted my own troubleshooting on this project, and now would be the logical time to turn this project over to the USR techs back at the factory--that is if it were a newer unit. As it is, I have only $55 invested in this supposedly upgraded 1994 unit; the seller has generously agreed to take it back and refund my cost. So, I'm looking for a newer modem. Thanks for the help.


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