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Posted - 5/4/2001 2:23:55 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I just bought a Courier 2806 external modem, and it works great for gaming compared to my old modem(pinging less than 150 consistently for CS/Tribes using AOL), but my web page and d/l speeds are pathetic. I tried to disable some stuff in the AT to make it better, but I've never used Hyperterminal or anything like it before, and probably screwed with a bunch of stuff I shouldn't have. Is there any way I can set it back to defualts(would uninstalling work?), and what should I do to improve the web and d/l stuff. I am only downloading at 2.5k, compared to 5k with my old modem, though I can d/l up to 3 files at at a time with each of them staying at 2.5k on the Courier, which isn't that bad. Also, can anyone explain how to use the AT stuff. I am probably going to d/l any firmware/drivers I can first, and then thought about disableing error control and compression. Is this going to help? Thanks.
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Posted - 5/6/2001 9:27:15 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
Disabling error control is not a good idea;
Compression - depends upon your other network settings - but generally will not make a difference in stability of connection.

You can always reset modem to factory defaults with
Modem, if installed properly, will automatically be set to factory defaults and then given other appropriate commands when you use DUNs to connect to ISP.

Note the Courier does have dip switches - clearly labelled on the bottom of the modem - that can override AT commands.

The best way to tell what's going on is with post-call diagnostics.


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