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Posted - 5/28/2001 1:09:24 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I have a USR Sporster 56K internal modem. When I connect to my ISP, I watch the two connection icons that look like computers on my bottom task bar. I make a connection every time and will wait for the verify of my password to disappear from my DUN box. At that time the two computer icon appears on my task bar. I can tell with almost 100% accuracy when I will stay connected or if the connection will drop. If the icon shows a vigorous exchange of data by the lights blinking from one to the other, I will stay connected. If there is very little data transfer indicated by the lights at sign on, the connection will drop. The only way I get on line is to keep trying till I don't get dropped. Is there a way to get a connection every time?
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Posted - 5/28/2001 5:28:38 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  SARGEs Homepage
Many possibles, but I'd begin by using Hyperterminal to dial the #, as well as other #'s for other ISP's. If you do well, then perhaps the DUN properties need some attention. I set up a few sites that may help.


Of course, your line may be impaired, but you should at least stay connected with a USR. After verifying all is well in Windows and DUN, try this in extra settings under modem properties:

S32=98 It will only allow a 28.8 connection, but if you stay connected consistently, then we may need to drop your max speed from whatever you're connecting at now. That usually effects only throughput flow on USR's, though. Other modems have to have a max speed lowered just to stay connected.

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