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Posted - 6/7/2001 10:03:13 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Here goes...

I purchased a brand new dual p3 1ghz from an online auction... I set it up so SMP (symetric multiprocessing) runs on the mobo. I bought a Lucent Wildwire modem and installed it. I was able to dial up to my ISP and connect at about 42.6. I run windows 2k, so I look at the connection monitor and it shows I had 2 or 3 errors after dialup completes. I surf the web and after about 2 or 3 minutes, I see that my errors go up to 10 or 15 and then I can't web surf at all... it justs sits there and tries to load the page. Then I lose my connection... it doesn't matter if I am downloading something or not... the connection dies...

I asked a friend for his modem, some piece of sh*t half duplex winmodem, installed it, and dialed up... I had the same problem that I had with the Lucent modem. I ordered a brand new v.92 USR external modem. I installed all the necessary drivers and connected it to COM1. I dial up and connect. NOW, instead of it disconnecting me after 10 errors, the modem seems to "compensate" and and I can continue to surf... but the errors keep mounting up... I played asheron's call and the in game monitor told me that I was losing about 5% of my packets. While playing, I looked at the connection monitor and I had 1700 error in less than 45 minutes... 1700! But I was still connected and could still surf the web... The firewall I am using on my system is telling me that I am receiving DOS attacks from my ISP, and IP fragmentation.

Now that the back story is filled in, I need some help here... Me and my friend have surmised that it might be the dual processors that is the problem. We think that since the processor has a hand in processing some of the packets, that one processor may receive a packet and the other processor might receive a packet, but the processor receiving the second packet of info might finish processing it before the first one, thereby causing the problem. Of course, I may be totally off my rocker. My old computer used the same ISP, the same account, the same number, same phone line, same operating system and it received no errors, even on dialup... my old machine was a p3 500mhz, with a USR 56k ISA modem. I would try that modem, but my new machine has no ISA slot. I never had a problem with that machine at all. I would appreciate some help... I have asked, but no one ever answers me... If you have any ideas, I would appreciate any help. My e-mail is Thanks for all your help...


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Posted - 6/8/2001 9:50:17 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
What are you looking at to determine errors? Modem diagnostics?
It is normal for modem to encounter errors; USR modems may get 2000 or more errors (blers) per hour on 'normal' connection; you can reduce errors by limiting connect speed to lower rate

For gaming, disabling 56k may produce better results.

With TCP/IP protocol, packets can be received out of order - this should not be a problem.


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