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Brad Feick
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Posted - 7/6/2001 8:03:04 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  Brad Feicks Homepage
Hoping someone can help me:

I have been using my USR 56K fax/voice for three years.
I ALWAYS get at least 48 if not a 50K connection.

I tried to install MS PWS, and due to a documented
bug in thier code, my PC crashed. After I got it all squared away, I re-installed my drivers for the
modem, connected, and now I never get over 21K
connect speed. I never had to run any init strings,
but I tried them to no avail.

I got the latest drivers from USR, nada.
I ran Update Wizard on the modem-latest version.
I installed a Lucent modem and got 49K on the 1st try.
I am running Personal Web Server, and my dial up
launches on boot, which it never did unless I had it in Start Up folder (this is curious)

I am thinking either my modem got damaged in the crash OR
somehow the PWS is bringing down my connect speeds,
as these are the only differences I can think of.

Any ideas?


Brad Feick

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Posted - 7/16/2001 11:48:36 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
Make test calls using Hyperterminal.

Check modemlog to see if port speed is at least 57.6k, and that there are no bad init strings

Check DUNS connectoids


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