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Posted - 6/1/2000 9:28:04 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  
I have a USR x2 Winmodem. Whenever I download an appropriate v.90 upgrade either from the manufacturer of my computer or my modem, my modem upgrades ok to v.90 but the trouble starts here. When I dial to my ISP with the v.90 I =ALWAYS[/] connect at 49333 bps, you think this is fast wrong! It the slowest thing ever! It downloads files at less than 1kbps! But when my modem is with x2 it [b]=ALWAYS[/] connects at 28800, which is slighty better than than the 49333 but I still want my modem v.90. I have tried emailing 3com and my computer manufacturer it's the same response we cannot help you try to contact you ISP, so I did. No Help. So...Well...Maybe someone here can help. What do I need to do to maintain and keep a constant 44000 or greater connection speed?
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Posted - 6/4/2000 7:00:59 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  Daveman_750s Homepage
Try &n29. This will cap your connection at 44K and it might work better. keep increasing the number to &n30 and so on until you find the highest connect speed that gives you good throughput. Each time you increase the number you increase the maximum speed by 1.333 K.

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