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Posted - 8/3/2001 5:22:03 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I bought a USRobotics V92 5686 - it will connect only at 28,000bps also it has a modem checker but when I check it it scans for the modem & says "can't find modem) it is connected to serial port 1 with a serial cable. Why does it say that it can't find modem? I am using a Belkin serial cable - the USRobotics says to use a RS232 serial cable - but can't find one anywhere. Could that serial cable be causing the problem? If so where can I find a RS232 serial cable? If it needs a special serial cable why don't they include it with the modem like other modem brands do. I know it is to make money. But I would pay the extra to not to have to worry about running all over to find their special stinking RS232 modem cable! I tried to remove my old Lucent WinModem through the Device Manager & removed it there but it keeps coming back when I boot up again. I checked for a red X or trouble with port & everything looked ok there with no conflicks. Is it just a bad modem & should I return it? or isn't it set up right. Thanks for your help!


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Posted - 8/3/2001 10:33:40 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I have the same exact modem. I got my RS232 cable from Radio Shack. I'm not very good with serial cables, so lets see what someone else would say...

As for Control Center, try uninstalling the version you have now and go download the latest from USR, that worked for me. I was able to download the latest firmware and all. Check my post called "Control Center" somewhere down the list of posts.

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Posted - 8/4/2001 11:32:22 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
I think original poster's problem is not the serial cable (which would cause problems with the modem working at all), but with the 'modem checker' software.


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