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Posted - 8/16/2001 11:18:31 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Hi, I have an extrange problem with the 5 modems attached to this device.
They work fine but on the 5th or 6th time when they are picking up the calls, they start to stuck to the line, then no one can conect through this modems, the users said that there's a busy tone and no connection can be made.
This modems are used to enable the RAS on an NT 4.0 server.
The modems are US Robotics and Motorola.
The multiport device is a Digi Board Ports /16em.

Someone knows how can I prevent the modems to keep stucking to the phone line?. Thanks a lot.


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Posted - 8/16/2001 10:01:45 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
The external modem should (with proper init string) disconnect from the line on loss of carrier;
Your multi-port device probably uses the CD (carrier detect) line of the RS232 interface to know when a session ends.

Init strings can change the behavior of the modem - so check what's being given to modem.
*IF* the modem is being initialized/given command strings, and during this time the line rings, you may get unpredictable results....


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