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United Kingdom
Posted - 9/3/2001 3:06:48 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I recently had my computer upgraded (by a local computer shop) from an AMD K6 400MHz with 32Mb RAM to an AMD Duron 750 with 128MbRAM and a new Jetway 663 AS PRO motherboard and 20Gb HDD.

When the PC was first brought home I had problems with my modem connection whilst still using my original modem cable - the modem dialled out to my ISP but then froze and no connection could be established. The computer shop then supplied me with a new modem cable and the problem is mostly cured when my ISP (OneTel or Clara) verifies my username and password and connects
normally (although it takes up to 30 seconds for my PC to allow me to progress). However, if no connection is established at the ISP's modem, my modem disconnects but my PC freezes and I have to use Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart (and sometimes even the reset button if Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn't even work).

Any ideas how I can overcome this problem and why should a different cable have made the difference in the first place?

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Posted - 9/3/2001 8:51:31 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  SARGEs Homepage
If you reinstalled Windows, there are a few settings to change. Check them before going any further:

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