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Posted - 9/27/2001 2:05:27 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Ok i have a 3cp5610a I've read all the bad posts on it and would like your opinion on it. I do alot of gaming . Thanks in advance.

U.S. Robotics 56K FAX INT Link Diagnostics...

Chars sent 128698 Chars Received 2250441
Chars lost 0
Octets sent 74675 Octets Received 2205729
Blocks sent 6814 Blocks Received 18006
Blocks resent 8

Retrains Requested 0 Retrains Granted 1
Line Reversals 0 Blers 276
Link Timeouts 2 Link Naks 1

Data Compression V42BIS 2048/32
Equalization Long
Fallback Enabled
Protocol LAPM
Speed 44000/21600
V.90 Peak Speed 44000
Last Call 00:16:02

Disconnect Reason is DISC Received

Configuration Profile...

Product type US/Canada Internal
Product ID: 00561001
Options V32bis,V.80,V.34+,x2,V.90
Fax Options Class 1/Class 2.0
Clock Freq 92.0Mhz
EPROM 256k
RAM 32k

FLASH date 7/12/2000
FLASH rev 5.22.16

DSP date 7/12/2000
DSP rev 5.22.16

U.S. Robotics 56K FAX INT Link Diagnostics...

Modulation V.90
Carrier Freq (Hz) None/1920
Symbol Rate 8000/3200
Trellis Code None/64S-4D
Nonlinear Encoding None/ON
Precoding None/ON
Shaping ON/ON
Preemphasis (-dB) 8/6
Recv/Xmit Level (-dBm) 23/13
Near Echo Loss (dB) 2
Far Echo Loss (dB) 0
Carrier Offset (Hz) NONE
Round Trip Delay (msec) 10
Timing Offset (ppm) 4406
SNR (dB) 41.5
Speed Shifts Up/Down/Null 0/0/0
Status : uu,5,12N,12.2,-15,0N,000,43.5,25.9

Freq Level (dB)

150 20
300 19
450 19
600 19
750 19
900 19
1050 19
1200 19
1350 20
1500 20
1650 20
1800 20
1950 20
2100 20
2250 21
2400 21
2550 22
2700 22
2850 22
3000 22
3150 23
3300 26
3450 31
3600 37
3750 44

Bob Starnes
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Posted - 9/27/2001 11:06:46 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Overall the diagnostics look ok to me, only suggestion I'd make is to limit your connect speed to 41333 or 42667 to see if that reduces the number of Blers that you're getting.


Try using &U17&N28 or &U17&N27 in the Extra Settings for the modem.

In the 'Dial-Up Networking' folder, right click your ISP's DUN connection and select 'Properties', on the 'General' tab click the 'Configure' button, select the 'Connection' tab, click the 'Advanced' button and enter &U17&N28 in the 'Extra Settings' box there. Click OK on everything and then try a connection and then check the diagnostics to if the Blers, Link Timeouts and Naks have been reduced.

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Posted - 9/27/2001 2:22:19 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  SARGEs Homepage
Agreed. If doing gaming, try S32=98 by itself in extra settings and see if it improves.

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Posted - 9/27/2001 3:36:07 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Im a gamer, I have given up on this modem, see the Gaming problems with 5610a modem thread.

I ordered a Zoom 2920 PCI Plus.

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Posted - 9/28/2001 8:20:53 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
From Upset Chaps Gaming Connection Guide:
S32=98 (V34) - Disable all 56K connections
These strings will disable v90 and X2 connections and should completely stop retrains and speed shifts that cause phone jacks, albeit with a 32-42 ping increase. [quote]

Clearly this is not acceptable for gamers.. theres a big difference between a 280 ping and a 320 ping. USR users shouldnt have to resort to this to get a stable gaming connection. IT IS A SPECIFIC 3cp5610 ISSUE, that USR seems unwilling to adress.

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Posted - 9/28/2001 8:43:38 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Yea, I've said it before, I'll say it again...

Disabling V.90 isn't a good idea for gaming. It increases the amount of latency too much. For example, a V.90 connection usually yields a RTD of 100-110ms to your ISP's Access Server. A V.34 connection is much worse, with 135-156ms (or more) round trip delay to your first hop.

Bob's idea is a more intelligent solution. If capping your connection speed doesn't improve your ping spiking/packet loss ("lag"), then switching modulation to V.34 won't either.

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Posted - 9/28/2001 7:58:16 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  SARGEs Homepage
I learn something new everyday
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Posted - 9/28/2001 8:41:42 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Ok 2 more questions...with the Performance Pro came the "gaming mode" and in it the have the string " AT&FG" whats it do? ok Question #2 , I have a external 5686-01. Originaly it was a 5686-03 but I was having problems with it and sent it back and they sent me the 5686-02. I didn't think much of it at the time (looked the same,and worked ok)... so i kept it. Now with the V.92 upgrade is it worth the hassle of getting the 5686-03? Thanks again... and keep up the good work.


"The empty can rattles the most"

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Posted - 9/28/2001 9:30:39 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
1. Gaming Mode basically just lowers your usual connection rate by 1-3 steps, and disables error correction and data compression. It actually helps quite a bit; in example, if you were playing Tribes 2, you would notice that if you were in a fight and you jumpjet from the ground, your proximity to the ground would be more similar to what you perceive client-side. Thus, responsiveness is improved.

2. I just purchased the 5686, and I'm happy with it. Happy as I can be with Modem, I should say. When I purchased the Modem, it ran the older "5686-03" Firmware you described. They have since updated it, however(5686-04), so I would suggest using Control Center to update it. If you have connection speed problems, try the string S34=32.

Oh yea, you can reproduce gaming mode by just lowering your normal connection speed by 1 step (e.g., normal connection yields 44,000bps, try 42,666), and turning off error correction & data compression. If you get alot of instability in regard to ping time, and significant packet loss, try 2 steps. You shouldn't have to go to 3 steps down, but you might try it anyway.

Well, I hope I've been of some assistance! Moo.


Hey Mikey, does your ISP support the X2 protocol? There's a local ISP here with Total Control boxes which I get a much better connection to using X2 instead of V.90. Moo once more.
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