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tims alter ego
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Posted - 6/23/2000 12:18:55 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I've got 2 modems, a. U.S.Robotics 56k Win INT TI, and b. HCF Conexant MW560CI. Firstly, USR's canadian counterpart has exchanged my modem with me 3 times. I started with a PCI, now it's an ISA go figure. I CANNOT connect with the USR modem higher than 31,200, REGARDLESS of isp, and location in my city. My second though was use the other modem. I cannot even get windows to Recognize the modem. Does anyone have any sugesstions???
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Posted - 6/23/2000 5:49:23 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Hi...gonna watch this with a lot of interest...I HAVE EXACTLY THE SAME TROUBLE....only difference being is I have a GVC which is really a USR clone....same chipset (Texas Instruments) and all, I think even the drivers will interchange.....cept every once in awhile I get real lucky and connect at something over 40,000...the modem seems to rush through the negotiation and handshake and then miss the v.90 protocol....just don't know how to fix....(I also have a Creative 5601 (flashed v.90) and never connect below 40k....same line different box....I've tried every trick mentioned here and other sites and no luck....hope someone comes up with a cure; then there will be two of us real happy....G
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Posted - 7/4/2000 12:23:58 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
As far as 33.6k max connect -
check for more than 1 a/d conversion

As far as getting 2nd modem to work: running more than 1 software modem (ie Winmodem) in a PC can be difficult to impossible. Obviously, the HCF is software modem; USR makes both, but my guess is you have a Winmodem. Your best bet would be to make the 2nd modem a hardware-controller modem - but, if you do not have a 56k-compatible line, 33.6 is the best you'll ever do with any modem!


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