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United Kingdom
Posted - 7/1/2000 7:10:47 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Ok - I couldn't change the Com Port from COM3 to COM2. I tried moving the modem from slot to slot with no success. My modem's a USR Voice Int.

Anyhow - I did two things before successfully changing from COM3 to COM2 - and all without any re-installing (which I had been doing in spades...)

First I added the following line to my system.ini file.
[386Enh] ; <- This is the group I added it to.

debugcom=2 ; <- This is the line I added.

Anyhow - I also did this;

Opened Control Panel.

Double Clicked on 'System'

Selected 'Device Manager' tab

Double Clicked on 'Modem'

Double Clicked on 'US Robotics 56k Voice Internal PCI'

Selected the 'Modem' tab

Changed the Port setting to COM2

'Okayed' everything (click Ok)

Then restarted my computer.

I'm now using COM2 - i think...that's what the computer's telling me at least...i'll soon find out.

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