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Posted - 3/17/2002 12:19:55 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
* Outstanding value and reliable operation at an affordable price
* Designed to work exclusively with the WIndows operating system. Your PC recognizes the modem for easy installation and operation
* Advanced line probing technology; finds the most efficient path for each connection; faster downloads, feweer dropped calls.
* Software upgradeable. Protects your investement; a few clicks brings you new features and enhancements.

yeah, okay.. thats what the front of my box says for this lousy pice of $#!@ modem, U.S Robotices 5699A Internal PCI Faxmodem, its the worst waste of money ive ever done for a modem.

Heres the story, i plug it in, get it installed, the whole setup thing, blah blah.. it all sets up nice, yeah like it says, so i dial onto the net and get ready for some 'guaranteed faster surfing' *LAG* click click *LAG* click click *LLAAGGGGGGG*, and that isnt internet lag, the fu*$(ng modem is bogging down my whole system, and i know that it is the hardware that is doing it, i checked with my computer specs, 1.9GhZ Athlon processor, buncha DDR RAM, and all taht good stuff, i was told there wasnt any hardware incompatibility. But this modem SUCKS, i checked the site fo rany info regarding this, and i guess there is nothing for it.

So every time i load up anything on the net it loads fine for a few cliks on a web page, then i get lagged down to hell and back and im forced to reset my computer because the clicks i make are an easy 5 minute delay process between when i click and the computer knows i clicked there.

Anyone got any tips? or mind sending me a freakin bomb to strap to this thing as i throw it out my door? Im to lazy to drize freakin 2 hours to the nearest computer store and spend $40 on a new modem...

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Posted - 3/18/2002 3:40:33 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Get a better modem to replace that CP5699A: like a $20 CompUSA winmodem or a $39 Supramax PCI modem.

This USR model is very picky with what its teamed up with. It works great and fast in my Pentium 3 500 mhz, but cannot even get it to install in my AMD K6-III system unless I have a PCI card instead of an AGP card.

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Posted - 3/22/2002 11:30:09 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
Limit your connect speed.

Aloha! Richard.

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