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Posted - 2/23/2004 9:54:21 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Those that have upgraded from 98 or ME may have a connection problem due the service that XP uses by default
even clean installs have had problems.
Microsoft has tried to fix this in SP1.The service is called
Background Intelligent Transfer Service.What it will do is if you become disconnected from the net and reconnect it will try to start the download again. Disable this service and auto updates is a sure way to fix this problem but always check windows update for updates.Other programs try to use this to and when you try to reconnect it will hold the modem or get disconnected as soon as you connect,can not surf the net do to this service trying to connect to the download.This is why disabling auto updates have help other because the two work together.Windows Messenger uses this to and other 3rd party software as well.Think of this as a XP download manager but it is also trying to control the bandwidth as well...problems.

Background Intelligent Transfer Service - Used to transfer asynchronous data via http1.1 servers. According to Microsoft's site, Windows Update uses this "feature." It "continues" a download if you log off or shutdown the system (that is, when you log back in.) Manual update via Windows Update web site Requires Cryptographic Services to be running.
Recommendation: Disabled

Some other to check out.

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