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Posted - 7/22/2000 6:32:26 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message    Halzs Homepage
I work at a fairly large office with a T3 internet connection and a mass of internal networking. I picked up this v.Everything 56k internal modem expecting to be able to get some games going and mp3s past the firewall.. Analog lines where installed in our lab so this provided the perfect, or so I thought, solution. I connected with the modem to a local ISP using Windows 2000. The tone I head the modem use while connecting had been nothing I'd heard before... It sounded like I was in a U-Boat and was being pinged by an Allied destroyer, the modem re-negotated and linked at a pathetic 28800bps.

I suspect I am victim to line noise from the adjacent CAT 5 wires I am sure these analog lines where installed next to inside of its own serries of CAT 5 wires. And while the modem trys to connect at the high frequency needed for a 56k connection, it is met by an over-whelming ammount of interference, depth charging its connection speed to sub-par.

Is this the issue or could it reside further down the network?

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Posted - 7/23/2000 3:19:43 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Many office communications systems use technolgy which puts two voice connections onto a single channel of the T1 or T3 service. In other words, a single DS0 (64 kbps) channel becomes two 32 kbps channels.

This decreases the effective cost for telephone service and makes more bandwidth available for data traffic to/from the internet.

As for CAT5 noise.....the tightly twisted pairs which prevent interference between pairs also prevent stray fields outside the cable. That's as required by FCC requirements (primarily in part 68).

So...I don't think noise is the problem.

It sounds like your employer has a system reasonably tuned for business. If internet games and entertainment are essential, you ought to talk to the boss.

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Posted - 7/24/2000 1:24:46 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message    Halzs Homepage
No no, games are not importaint :) (Those can stay on the LAN/WAN)

I can live with this speed, I live with it at home. I was just concered about the sound I heard when the modem connected mainly.

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Posted - 7/27/2000 9:46:30 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
If the phone lines coming into your building are digital trunks, you will have an extra a/d conversion which prevents 56k connects.

You can verify the a/d conversion:

and if you have it, you'll need the phone company to install a single business dial-tone line that doesn't come in on digital trunks; you can disable 56k on the modem if you don't do that


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