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Posted - 7/24/2000 7:33:14 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
My USR 56K VoiceFax Int modem works fine connecting to the Internet and in Terminal mode. It does not work in voice. I'm using RapidCom Voice software and it is configured correctly. When I dial a number in voice mode, I get a dial tone and hear the dial tones from the modem speaker. After that all sound disappears. Nothing from the external speakers. By using another phone at the same time, I've determined the phone line is still active and connected. I also have a SB PCI 128 sound card. I think the sound card (or software) is taking over the modem audio. Under Win 98SE, in Control Panel, I select Multimedia/Devices/Audio Devices and see "Unimodem Half Duplex Wave Device". Can this be configured? Does it affect the modem? Any help on this will be appreciated.
Robert Aldwinckle
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Posted - 7/27/2000 2:12:58 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Rick, I have essentially the same hardware as you but I have NT 4.0 for an OS which doesn't support Telephony. Consequently I've been waiting until I get W2K to try out the Voice aspects of my modem. However, I think I know what your problem will be. The modem wants to control the speakers and the microphone. In other words your sound card gets left out in the cold! I started doing a bit of research on a workaround for this and saw some sites where it was claimed you could buy a patch cord at Radio Shack (e.g.) and use it to avoid such nonsense. Unfortunately, I didn't save any links to that information. Perhaps you'll be able to hunt it down for yourself now that you know what to be looking for.

Good luck

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