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Posted - 1/24/2005 6:53:16 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I was having a hell of a time earlier today getting a decent connection with my Mars chipset modem / 8.30 generic / WinNT system, even if the initial connection was ok there was a speed drop early on in the connection.

In frustration, I've gone back to version 5.92, and my first connect after that is good 'un. It may be good luck, and I know that life hasn't been perfect with this either but I don't think I've ever had connections as bad as one I had earlier: 46600 connect down to 7200 when I disconnected 18 minutes later.

Of course it may not be the fault of the firmware at all. I did wait a while for my very last connection so who knows what changed at the ISP.

My question, are some earlier versions of the firmware better than others for some users? I was kind of hoping that the latest is best, is that an unreasonable expectation?

We don't have free local calls here and I don't have other ISPs to try, so does anyone have tips about how I can find the best version for me most easily.

I try to keep stats of my connections, but I don't connect that frequently that I can really see trends.

BTW, I think it would be somewhat helpful if the modem could provide some information on its current speed and when it initiated a retrain. Perhaps some manual control of the process would be useful too. I know there it ati11, but it would be useful to know exactly when a connection had gone sour - and maybe some means to revive it. How come upward rate negotiation never seems to happen? It seems to me that internal modems could be made more capable than external models since they could have proprietary UIs without interfering with the line protocol.


P.S. I have been wondering whether ISPs / telcos have a conspiracy afoot to encourage people to switch to ADSL by giving them crappier dialup. Given that dialup is more effort to maintain I suspect it may just go to the dogs all by itself.

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Posted - 1/24/2005 8:07:37 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
There are situations where an older version of firmmware does better than new/latest, although it is not that common.

Before you had the trouble, were you using the latest version & getting decent results?

There are a number of versions between 5.92 & 8.30 -

I don't think telcos / ISPs have a conspiracy....

I think Net.Medic is the way to monitor the modem/throughput -

Aloha! Richard.

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Posted - 1/25/2005 3:29:25 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message

Before you had the trouble, were you using the latest version & getting decent results?

Not entirely decent, typically ending down at or near 28K, but I really don't have a lot of data, that was within the realms of possibility for the old versions. So you think I should persevere with 8.30?

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