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Posted - 5/26/2005 2:45:41 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I am having problems connecting to the internet. Modem seems to be operating properly, ie., dial tone, connection sounds, approx. 3kb data transmits, but only 400 bytes received, then all communication stops and web page displays website not found. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? I'm running WIN98 SE, IE 6.0, Compaq Armada 7400 laptop with LT modem with 56K dial-up connection. Thanks much in advance!
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Posted - 5/29/2005 10:19:58 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
Do you have to hang up the modem - when data stops is modem still connected?

Check properties for your connectoid;
Carefully create a new / test connectoid

What driver version on your modem? (response to ati3)
If problem still not resolved, please post your modem log and modem's post-call diagnostics (ati11)

Also see -

Aloha! Richard.

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