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Posted - 9/9/2005 9:54:37 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
With Windows 2000 Microsoft introduced a new version of Unimodem. Unimodem 5 not to be confused with previous version Unimodem V (V for voice).
Unimodem 5 introduced a new way to support the voice feature of modems using ;
"UniModem Half-Duplex Audio Device" or
"UniModem Full-Duplex Audio Device"

The only driver, so far, I have found that supports the voice feature for the Lucent/Agere WinModem is the Actiontec V.92 56K PCI Pro / DeskLink Pro / DeskVoice Pro. They list a Windows 2000 and a Windows XP version. The driver version is Version 8.12 but it should be possible to Cut and Past the voice section from the INF file into the driver v8.30 INF file. Or make a separate Voice setup INF file to install the voice feature for the 8.30 driver.

Actiontec V.92 56K PCI Pro / DeskLink Pro / DeskVoice Pro.

Important note: Unlike most drivers for the Lucent/Agere WinModem this driver does "not" use a setup.exe program to install the driver.
This driver installs using the "Found New Hardware Wizard" (LTMDMNT.INF).

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Posted - 9/13/2005 1:55:34 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Voice support using v8.30 driver, Win2K, XP Agere WinModem.
I have tested this on a Windows 2000 Pro system only. If you try it on XP let us know if it works OK.

Create a directory called "modem830Voice"
Use a ZIP program to extract the contents of the Agere WinModem driver v830 "modem830.exe" into that directory.
Find the LTW2KG.INF file and open it in a text editor.
Locate this section;
AddReg = All,mfglt,Modem.AddReg,INTERNAL,VerboseResultCodes,AdFax
CopyFiles = DriverCopyfiles

Edit this line;
AddReg = All,mfglt,Modem.AddReg,INTERNAL,VerboseResultCodes,AdFax
To look like this;
AddReg = All,mfglt,Modem.AddReg,INTERNAL,VerboseResultCodes,Voice,Voice.NT5 , AdFax

Note: there is a preiod (punctuation mark . ) between Voice and NT5

Save the file.

If you want voice support run SETUP.EXE from directory modem830Voice with the edited LTW2KG.INF file.

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