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Posted - 10/3/2006 5:01:50 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  Mephituss Homepage
im curious as to what the line;
"Workaround used : V90Phase2Escape"

this is the first time ive seen it... also the first time ive seen upload speeds faster than 24000bps... if even just briefly... has my isp finally implemented v.pcm upstream? or was that just a fluke (touch of luck?)

the full diagnostic is here;

Rockwell Diagnostics/Linux, version, compiled at Jun 13 2002 22:54:47
(c) 2000 Stanislav V. Mekhanoshin (, 2:5030/172.9@fidonet)
Connection time : 08:00:10
Handshake Time/Retries : 23 sec/0
TX Rate (Last/Init/Min/Max) : 24000/24000/21600/33600
RX Rate (Last/Init/Min/Max) : 42667/48000/42667/48000
Modulation/Protocol/Compression : V.90/LAPM/V.42bis
TX Symbol rate : 3200
Signal Level (TX/Power Drop), -dB : 5/1
RX Signal Level (Last/Min/Max), -dB : 9/9/9
Band Edge Lower/Upper, Hz : 150/3825
Round trip delay, ms : 26.000
EQM Value (Last/Min/Max/Negative) : 127/0/127/0
EQM Samples Running Sum : 00BA
EQM Last 10 Readings : 30 28 33 33 31 35 33 31 25 27
SNR Ratio (Last/Min/Max), dB : 41/39/41
TX Non-linear Encoding : OFF
TX Precoding : OFF
TX/RX Constellation Shaping : OFF/OFF
TX Trellis Encoding : 16 state
TX Pre-emphasis : 1
TX/RX state (Max TX/RX, Last TX/RX) : 87H/83H, 20H/21H
Error Correction Status : SABME:T UA:R XID:T,R SYNC
Dual PCM/120 Hz detection : No/Yes
Energy at 3750Hz/Average Energy : 2868/1381
RBS Pattern/Alternating RBS Pattern : 0A/00
V.90 Digital Pad/A-law/HighPowerSrv : 6dB/No/No
Retrains (Issued/Granted/Fast) : 2/0/9
Renegs (Issued/Granted) : 6/1
Retrans per frame/Frames rejected : 0/31
Total number of REJ sent/received : NA
Last Retrain/Reneg reason : Fall-back due to high EQM
Last Retrain/Reneg requested : Local Retrain
Minutes Since Last Retrain/Reneg : 1
Disconnect reason : RETRAIN FAILURE
Remote Manufacturer/Licensee Code : Conexant/Conexant
Remote Manufacturer's Product Caps : K56Flex, V.90
Remote V.8bis caps (type) : Digital (Server)
Remote V.8bis caps (K56Flex mode) : K56Flex prototype mode not supported
Remote V.8bis caps (K56Flex version): 1.1
Remote K56Flex RAM version supported: 70
Remote Coding used/forced by server : m-law/Yes
Remote controller version number : 0
Remote supports symbol rate (1,2,5) : 2743:ON 2800:ON 3429:ON 3429-TX:ON
Remote supports symbol rate (3,4) : 3000-L:ON 3000-H:ON 3200-L:ON 3200-H:ON
Remote power drop support : ON
Remote max symbol rate difference : 0 steps
Remote is a CME modem : No
Remote supports V.34bis : Yes
Remote frequency source : External
Remote is ITU/K56Flex neg/High IMD : Yes/No/No
V.8 bis CRe detected/early : Yes/No
CRe/CRd/CL/MS/ACK/NAK received : Yes/No/Yes/No/Yes/No
V.8bis success/V.8bis neg started : Yes/Yes
Quick Connect Info0 : Both modems indicate V.92 in INFO0
V92 debug information : Retrain/reneg/fast retrain successful
Call waiting count during connetion : 0
Last MOH Condition State : Idle wait for MOH action
Last MOH Datapump State TX : Sending A/B "Retrain State"
Last MOH Datapump State RX : Unknown
PCM Upstream RBS2 Detection : Unknown
PCM Phase4 Upstream Const./RR : 4-point/4-point
PCM Upstream Pad Detection : 0dB
Workaround used : V90Phase2Escape

many thx

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Posted - 10/10/2006 10:17:18 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message  v.Richards Homepage
No, there's no pcm upstream - V.34, provides for rates up to 33.6kbps. There isn't any successful implementation of V.92-pcm upstream anywhere, and there's not likely to be.

I don't know what the 'workaround used' line really means, but if you search that term, you'll find other postings of user diags with it - and some of those connections are V.34 both ways.

Aloha! Richard.

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