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Posted - 3/28/2002 10:24:43 AM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Yes checking the wiring is a good idea.I even opened the telco side of the box and cleaned the wiring.
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Posted - 3/29/2002 1:38:32 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
Latest update:

Got the RF filter but no change. I'm not surprised, but for only $11 is was worth a try.

I checked the telephone box on the outside of my garage, but there's not a jack in it. The wiring is clean and tight, and someone wrote "SNI in garage" inside the box. My house is about 20 years old, so maybe putting the first jack inside was the practice back then.

Good idea about the K56 modem, Charles. I'll look into getting one to try out.

I found some information on the telephone layouts in my area. My CO is 7.5 miles west of my house. The next closest one is 8 miles north, and another is 9 miles south. I live in a telco hole! I've learned that other people in my neighborhood get the same connections I do (28.8K or less) so I doubt there's much I can do. The one piece of good news I heard was that the phone company was installing a DSLAM about 1.5 miles from me. If that's the case, then I may be able to get DSL! :)

One thing I still have a question about is why I get 28.8K connections even when my SNR is as high as 46. My a/d-d/a value is always around 20, so I shouldn't have too many conversions getting in the way (though I realize 20 may be borderline). Here are the stats from a recent connection:

Chars sent 0 Chars Received 742
Chars lost 0
Octets sent 0 Octets Received 345
Blocks sent 0 Blocks Received 22
Blocks resent 0

Retrains Requested 1 Retrains Granted 0
Line Reversals 0 Blers 0
Link Timeouts 0 Link Naks 0

Data Compression V42BIS 0/0
Equalization Long
Fallback Enabled
Protocol LAPM
Speed 28800/26400
Last Call 00:00:26

Modulation V.34
Carrier Freq (Hz) 1829/1920
Symbol Rate 3200/3200
Trellis Code 64S-4D/64S-4D
Nonlinear Encoding ON/ON
Precoding OFF/ON
Shaping OFF/ON
Preemphasis (-dB) 6/2
Recv/Xmit Level (-dBm) 15/11
Near Echo Loss (dB) 23
Far Echo Loss (dB) 51
Carrier Offset (Hz) 2080
Round Trip Delay (msec) 10
Timing Offset (ppm) 3840
SNR (dB) 46
Speed Shifts Up/Down/Null 0/0/0
Status :

3300 17
3450 20
3600 26
3750 37

Is there anything else indicated here that could explain why V.90 won't work. It worked fine when I took my computer to work (.5 miles from CO) where I consistently got V.90 connections around 46K. I'm not expecting to improve the connection at this point, I'd just like to know more about what's involved with the connection speed.

Thanks again for all the suggestions. - Mark

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Posted - 3/29/2002 7:16:17 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
sorry the filter didn't work man. I'd try a different modem if you want faster speeds. Better do some testing to see what your actual throughput is with your current modem so you know if you are making an improvement.
Bob Starnes
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Posted - 3/29/2002 11:25:01 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
I notice that in each of the link diagnostics you posted that there's alway 1 retrain showing, does the modem do a double retrain when first connecting?

Tried setting a range for the modem to work within? Try using &U17&N26 (min 28000bps, max 40000) in the Extra Settings. And try changing the &Nn up or down as necessary.


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Posted - 3/30/2002 1:14:00 PM  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit Message
S32=98&U1&N16 you might try this.
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