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New Topic faster connect speed? kdeerman012/23/2009 8:48:12 AM
New Topic trying to help a friend gerryc0107/26/2009 5:18:41 PM
New Topic Lucent/Agere Win Modem Drivers gerryc0102/22/2009 2:44:44 PM
New Topic winsdows vista debrah111/1/2008 6:43:39 AM
New Topic Downloads/Updates bethlusby08/9/2008 9:49:36 AM
New Topic Wake on Ring? Billcoff06/13/2008 2:44:26 PM
New Topic Lucent/Agere Soft Modem 2 drv 2.1.47 on Win98 SE telco14/13/2008 9:37:24 AM
New Topic initialization strings aaron75rdb14/13/2008 9:29:48 AM
New Topic Modem Lucent AC-Link soft modem dylewski23/7/2008 9:30:42 AM
New Topic Slow transmits with SV92PP softmodem techinmo233/5/2008 11:45:01 AM
New Topic Agere AC'97 enable voice mode... qbellc31/1/2008 10:24:41 AM
New Topic lucent,agere/modem drivers hartav4112/20/2007 7:57:36 PM
New Topic MoH not working, can't update drivers either tailz112/9/2007 10:34:25 PM
New Topic Agere SV92PP PCI driver newfdad211/3/2007 8:31:20 AM
New Topic Agere Systems 2.0 USB SoftModem Silverado1310/10/2007 1:38:31 PM
New Topic My modem is "gone"! JoJo Starbuck310/9/2007 3:32:06 PM
New Topic Agere HDA modem not recognized? gscarr18/10/2007 10:15:34 AM
New Topic PLEASE HELP!!! gudmike17/20/2007 9:11:10 AM
New Topic Agere SV92PP soft modem pmm16/23/2007 11:07:57 AM
New Topic Installed new driver but still can't use software nett112116/23/2007 11:03:52 AM
New Topic new driver won't install completely hbabees36/3/2007 12:44:38 AM
New Topic new driver did not help Richard137915/28/2007 7:39:52 AM
New Topic Where send applet Ed B.14/11/2007 2:18:40 PM
New Topic Moh applet not loading on startup ... oldloder23/20/2007 6:25:22 PM
New Topic moh not showing calls debrah2u13/12/2007 10:17:40 AM
New Topic LT Win Modem Connection Problem glennhatch61/28/2007 11:12:13 AM
New Topic agere modem connection dmartin11/15/2007 9:05:38 PM
New Topic Problem w/ Modem after upgrading to XP brianleecole11/15/2007 9:03:51 PM
New Topic Lucent/Agere win98se modem installation lisajostep11/15/2007 8:58:56 PM
New Topic Lucent win modem Vanfam3112/8/2006 5:41:04 AM
New Topic How to modify .inf file for unlisted modem ID? richardek69612/1/2006 12:19:17 AM
New Topic Upgrade help needed lismetoo111/22/2006 9:43:55 PM
New Topic Laptop Modem Driver richardj110/10/2006 10:42:38 AM
New Topic Incomming Connection with Laptop v92_user010/8/2006 5:25:40 PM
New Topic Agere SV92P-T00 and LTMOH m32b6419/15/2006 5:17:23 PM
New Topic Agere Soft Modem only connects at 28.8K Ray9918/28/2006 4:47:24 AM
New Topic Recommended Modem? poee18/19/2006 8:45:41 PM
New Topic For Hardware 56k, USB, Serial or PCI? JayDub38/14/2006 6:25:57 PM
New Topic moh172 revmac58/14/2006 6:24:37 PM
New Topic OK to delete the installation files? JayDub18/9/2006 12:50:47 AM
New Topic Deleting ltmoh applet??? Freddy4618/5/2006 11:11:25 AM
New Topic Problem apparently caused by Juno upgrade betrog17/30/2006 7:41:09 AM
New Topic unstable connections bertzeh17/16/2006 4:07:09 PM
New Topic ltmoh.exe run error   Page 1 2 txdoherty187/6/2006 9:31:44 PM
New Topic Why won't Ltmoh v1.72 work for my Venus?? kjavds27/6/2006 1:21:31 AM
New Topic agere pci softmodem slow connection rate agere user16/26/2006 6:39:01 PM
New Topic 5 minutes to disconnect popup warning klim26/10/2006 5:23:15 PM
New Topic Trying to slow modem to 1200 baud 2strick36/3/2006 12:27:33 PM
New Topic Modem Disconnect on Call Waiting greyhorn56/1/2006 11:57:57 PM
New Topic Agere Systems PCI Soft Modem Won't Connect kthompson75/22/2006 8:29:17 AM
New Topic recomend web sites for low speed connection wseccurro15/21/2006 5:26:59 PM
New Topic MOH SETTINGS clearsignal14/19/2006 1:35:24 PM
New Topic Lucent Soft Modem AMR won't connect doubledad64/19/2006 8:38:05 AM
New Topic Modem Woes Fleet44/4/2006 4:10:30 AM
New Topic Agere PCI-SV92PP driver problem dbburnett14/1/2006 2:25:02 PM
New Topic Load LTMoh after handshake jsulliva14/1/2006 2:20:09 PM
New Topic Ageres PCI-SV92PP SoftModem TriCity33013/8/2006 5:11:12 PM
New Topic Error 633 nosingchum12/19/2006 9:26:14 PM
New Topic New modem drivers for lucent v.90 reddog00732/15/2006 11:08:52 PM
New Topic Help! : ) reddog00712/15/2006 10:08:59 AM
New Topic Some ISPs Reject Speed Limits? KAWill1012/28/2005 5:51:38 PM
New Topic Modem On Hold issue resolved clearsignal112/5/2005 9:27:31 AM
New Topic Modem On Hold clearsignal112/3/2005 8:46:14 PM
New Topic SV92P LTMOH 1.72 - Answer Function is not working Will Rickards812/2/2005 4:10:03 PM
New Topic IBM T40 laptop with Agere AC'97 softmodem tmkell70110/25/2005 10:11:39 PM
New Topic Modem is getting frustrating with XP lee157310/19/2005 1:47:38 PM
New Topic How to fix modem after lighting strike? DualKid19/1/2005 8:59:30 PM
New Topic Which Driver do I install? Mcdrago38/26/2005 5:19:00 PM
New Topic Agere softmodem on Dell Inspiron 1000 adthelad28/25/2005 2:14:32 AM
New Topic Stuck... jwarsinske18/14/2005 8:38:04 AM
New Topic V92 speed commands thrasher16/27/2005 10:42:08 PM
New Topic Agere multilink in XP, hows it do? Killet16/17/2005 6:59:24 PM
New Topic Lucent/Agere no longer works after upgrading to SP pckain26/10/2005 5:46:27 AM
New Topic ISP Authentication Problem WTaylor15/29/2005 10:07:47 AM
New Topic Lucent Tech AMR soft modem software lorigal15/15/2005 11:08:51 PM
New Topic Drop connection after printing file hipops15/11/2005 1:44:01 PM
New Topic error 633 when trying to use backup dail-up custer84/22/2005 4:42:15 PM
New Topic Driver/MOH installation Questions Michbow14/14/2005 8:15:18 PM
New Topic New SV92P Driver Is Out!!! DualKid93/25/2005 11:31:51 PM
New Topic No connection on 2nd phone line WJG228713/25/2005 10:27:57 AM
New Topic That damn AT#CLS jcn5043/25/2005 6:28:22 AM
New Topic 56k MultiLink & Line Interference Filters DualKid103/16/2005 4:58:47 PM
New Topic Multilink Revisited with SV92P DualKid23/10/2005 11:24:43 AM
New Topic New MoH problem staffeman13/9/2005 12:23:40 PM
New Topic No RING detection hhh72/12/2005 4:04:56 PM
New Topic Desperate for a replacment for our discontinued Ac hsmythe122/9/2005 2:06:27 AM
New Topic modem connection login drbrady22/8/2005 9:27:27 AM
New Topic How do I REALLY test my modem ??? digital32/7/2005 7:47:25 PM
New Topic No Dial Tone jimoferie52/4/2005 8:02:16 PM
New Topic Device Manager Error higgins31/20/2005 10:20:01 AM
New Topic MoH Schwinn71131/19/2005 12:43:06 PM
New Topic Modemsite's Agere DSP Modem cianciolo101/4/2005 9:05:48 AM
New Topic Change country on 3049L firsway312/31/2004 11:07:27 AM
New Topic CID problems modembob1112/24/2004 10:10:01 AM
New Topic Modem Site Modem MOH Software jldet5212/19/2004 5:42:41 PM
New Topic System doesn't see new hardware kitkat57212/16/2004 11:23:37 AM
New Topic Which modem driver? Grubsnig1412/12/2004 11:32:49 PM
New Topic moh and v.90 connection jolt2212/11/2004 3:25:57 PM
New Topic New Agere winmodem keithodg312/11/2004 10:49:48 AM
New Topic Modem on Hold MaryWarren212/9/2004 12:10:58 PM
New Topic Agere Modem on Hold 1.72 blackie4561511/24/2004 10:22:32 PM
New Topic "big data bursts" causes audible modem p 
   Page 1 2 
hunmanik1611/15/2004 6:19:47 PM
New Topic Firefox and no data transmission parallelskier611/12/2004 9:50:51 AM
New Topic 56k & ftth bob55411/8/2004 7:53:52 AM
New Topic Variable Connect Speeds Alloraen810/30/2004 8:25:34 PM
New Topic LT WinModem using HV90P-T rtmacro1110/23/2004 11:25:08 AM
New Topic Modem on Hold moh94410/22/2004 10:57:43 PM
New Topic trying v92 int string   Page 1 2 socrbob1610/13/2004 8:18:07 PM
New Topic Caller ID Sometime works prisandbud651510/7/2004 6:46:35 PM
New Topic modem on hold fusionteck510/6/2004 5:39:10 PM
New Topic Higher Speed? keithodg129/28/2004 2:22:41 PM
New Topic Agere AC'97 softmodem in Acer 292. abc62379/16/2004 10:37:27 AM
New Topic lt830/SETUP.EXE is not a valid Win32 app lafoster39/8/2004 12:25:12 PM
New Topic Trying to use the special 8.02 driver Masca79/7/2004 1:20:59 AM
New Topic Drivers for 56k-DF in compaq 1236 bramsey339/1/2004 8:54:51 AM
New Topic Agere PCI Softmodem   Page 1 2 JimR218/27/2004 3:25:57 PM
New Topic charles..1 more question x's 2 debrah28/21/2004 9:49:48 AM
New Topic MOH warning box only displays for 3 seconds jolt248/17/2004 8:14:54 PM
New Topic HP a630n and Moh capability Patricia68/17/2004 8:10:35 PM
New Topic special driver 8.02   Page 1 2 amyjo74228/16/2004 9:47:26 PM
New Topic New MODEM Driver 8.31 signerbill38/16/2004 9:42:55 PM
New Topic Modem stops transmitting or receiving data ugoboy98/16/2004 1:52:21 PM
New Topic Modemsite Modem connections help needed 
   Page 1 2 
GARRYRYAN198/12/2004 10:47:17 AM
New Topic charles- just 1 more question debrah18/12/2004 9:29:22 AM
New Topic call waiting-modem on hold   Page 1 2 debrah208/8/2004 10:35:30 PM
New Topic moh 1.72 popup window rtg1107/31/2004 2:54:37 AM
New Topic phone only rings once vharris17/30/2004 9:01:10 AM
New Topic modem/xp question? 1966117/27/2004 11:19:43 AM
New Topic Modem Problem? ste2ven37/15/2004 10:40:24 PM
New Topic Modem on Hold 172 won't activate 
   Page 1 2 3 
jimlinda_16511357/14/2004 8:57:20 PM
New Topic Modem Sounds From System Speakers temple27/7/2004 12:18:50 PM
New Topic Lucent Win Modem spodaralla36/27/2004 6:47:37 PM
New Topic lucent win w/aol irlrs16/25/2004 5:29:55 PM
New Topic My Modemsite modem stopped working jolt216/25/2004 5:28:06 PM
New Topic Replaced USR5610B w/ modemsite LT; need help beebelo36/7/2004 8:31:28 PM
New Topic Modem Site Modem Connect Speed Low temple16/1/2004 11:45:19 PM
New Topic error 630 electronic switch?? greg.chi15/30/2004 8:36:15 AM
New Topic Venus chipset V90 caller ID mainbuss15/18/2004 7:43:09 PM
New Topic MOH v1.72 installed, run ltmoh.exe, but no "a peterjer75/17/2004 7:44:57 AM
New Topic V.44 or MPPC compression? tomc6145/9/2004 3:27:26 PM
New Topic TiVo slows connect speed? Wintek65/7/2004 5:09:00 PM
New Topic modemsite modem gpaul15/3/2004 9:31:18 PM
New Topic I am so confused!!! ladyjayne104/21/2004 6:14:54 AM
New Topic modemsite modem jimneye24/18/2004 2:41:17 PM
New Topic New Modemside modem - low connect speed langhalsk34/4/2004 1:44:55 PM
New Topic can't fax   Page 1 2 Rivertom174/4/2004 11:35:03 AM
New Topic agere '97 driver upgrade problem pulya24/2/2004 10:48:39 AM
New Topic optimum connect speed for 1648 modem faychin154/2/2004 8:58:32 AM
New Topic help chub16823103/21/2004 7:48:47 AM
New Topic Connection Problem - Korea peryan53/19/2004 12:30:23 PM
New Topic Lucent/Agere flash32.exe mainbuss03/15/2004 4:12:45 AM
New Topic presario 1255 w/windows 2000 presario125533/7/2004 4:37:54 AM
New Topic LT Winmodem commands and modem speaker picklez13/5/2004 5:36:39 PM
New Topic Agere Systems ac97 modem connection problems crazy_gravy13/5/2004 10:44:07 AM
New Topic Modemsite modem suddenly died shiftless13/4/2004 8:00:07 PM
New Topic Modemsite generic 3049L firmware mainbuss23/4/2004 5:50:40 AM
New Topic no alert sound in MOH app techdog33/1/2004 11:05:07 PM
New Topic LT modem on hold TOO fast to inform greg.chi42/28/2004 5:23:22 PM
New Topic MOH 1.72 caller ID quit Working faychin52/27/2004 2:59:47 PM
New Topic Problem with COM ports johndsamuels82/22/2004 12:53:39 PM
New Topic Detect On Hook Condition wabrams32/20/2004 8:42:00 AM
New Topic Help a newbie ogredive82/19/2004 10:18:04 AM
New Topic help! now supporting V.92 + V.90 onlineisp12/18/2004 6:37:21 PM
New Topic Failed LTWinModem with DSP   Page 1 2 faychin222/14/2004 9:36:22 AM
New Topic Need MOH setup information granjan57122/10/2004 8:39:03 AM
New Topic Help, I cannot connect thru linux desktop masi_rider22/8/2004 10:32:24 PM
New Topic MoH doesn't work with AOL and I can't update drive 
   Page 1 2 
rimacrozz212/7/2004 3:13:16 PM
New Topic Modemsite's v.92 dsp modem ghatton82/4/2004 7:49:06 PM
New Topic Modem periodically thinks I'm on a digital line, n 
   Page 1 2 
modemusr212/4/2004 6:34:23 PM
New Topic Modem Dialing Volume + Connection Speed Question makavelli82/4/2004 8:55:13 AM
New Topic No Sound in Win XP from Lucent LT Win Modem Chuck_Needham32/4/2004 3:11:10 AM
New Topic MOH 1.72 and 8.30 installed/not working nvernon112/1/2004 8:45:28 AM
New Topic V92 MOH pickup call waiting on digital line kenny31/29/2004 10:35:34 AM
New Topic Lt Win V92 Data+Fax Modem speed 
   Page 1 2 3 
bobcree331/28/2004 12:13:50 PM
New Topic Not installed modem that can take me online 
   Page 1 2 3 
Sgecko2391/28/2004 11:59:08 AM
New Topic Modem on Hold phone line equipment dorrity51/22/2004 1:08:17 AM
New Topic New V.92 modem v8.30 driver, use WDM renfro111/20/2004 8:22:53 AM
New Topic Modem Does not hang Up each time ghatton21/20/2004 7:57:51 AM
New Topic MOH, long time to reconnect helengayle71/19/2004 4:37:48 AM
New Topic Modem Problem: Keeps Dropping Connection (HELP) makavelli41/17/2004 4:05:16 PM
New Topic SV92P driver on pci soft modem   Page 1 2 prisandbud651241/17/2004 10:12:13 AM
New Topic *Extra Initialization Command* Settings Question makavelli11/16/2004 1:14:11 AM
New Topic Lucent Compaq - Connecting to Cisco 3640 jason parrington31/12/2004 7:15:31 AM
New Topic Increasing Connection Speed: What 2 Do??? makavelli21/11/2004 12:39:32 PM
New Topic Confused modem? (most likely the operator) djm85061/10/2004 9:26:31 AM
New Topic Modem init strings ngr0041/8/2004 12:13:11 PM
New Topic Problems with modem802spec file for V.90 modem JRBUG11/7/2004 8:15:22 AM
New Topic moH problem grisou11/7/2004 8:06:14 AM
New Topic LT V.90 data + fax modem v 5.70 oldbexleyboy41/4/2004 1:51:49 PM
New Topic Disconnect Problems with Modemsite Modem zepper151/4/2004 5:20:30 AM
New Topic What is "Retrain by Remote Modem"? helengayle21/3/2004 3:44:38 AM
New Topic More disconnect anyone out there? bayou_larry121/2/2004 11:35:39 AM
New Topic Agere sv92p Linux asw112/31/2003 8:12:29 AM
New Topic New Agere Modem helengayle112/28/2003 7:57:16 AM
New Topic No "Audible Alert" with MOH 1.71 drfunny1212/26/2003 2:43:55 PM
New Topic Lucent Modem driving me nuts sifontes1212/26/2003 1:16:06 PM
New Topic disconnect problem with agere modem masi_rider612/25/2003 11:04:05 AM
New Topic lucent Agere PCI ,odem 56K & V.92 MOH problem muriby1112/24/2003 10:03:52 AM
New Topic compression rtg1112/23/2003 7:26:06 PM
New Topic Modemsite modem guyfromgreenwood112/23/2003 7:17:12 PM
New Topic LT Win Modem mikemiller112/23/2003 1:58:41 AM
New Topic updating inf. file richdmaz312/19/2003 10:23:59 AM
New Topic Lucent LT8.28 modem xray22212/18/2003 3:40:38 PM
New Topic ATZ Initialization String helengayle112/14/2003 9:14:34 AM
New Topic Uninstalling & Reinstalling Agere Modem helengayle412/13/2003 11:37:48 AM
New Topic Phone Jack and Speaker Volume nutnsez112/12/2003 11:16:17 PM
New Topic trying to connect agere ac97 ->usr 33.6 rcschroeder312/5/2003 1:29:18 AM
New Topic Agere vs. USR2977. johnoz212/3/2003 8:26:16 AM
New Topic Sound on MOH helengayle211/22/2003 4:51:59 PM
New Topic Agere Modems Not Breaking Dialtone correctly redline111/20/2003 5:55:42 AM
New Topic trouble with Modemsite Agere V.92 modem masi_rider111/17/2003 11:39:19 PM
New Topic Error Code 691: Username/Password Invalid Dazzle411/17/2003 4:10:31 PM
New Topic New agere modem gobarryf1211/16/2003 2:33:46 PM
New Topic MOH helengayle811/16/2003 3:40:08 AM
New Topic LT Win Modem Driver Update jbstanley111/15/2003 7:35:31 AM
New Topic lucent win modem MoH 1.72 does not work drazen811/11/2003 9:15:36 PM
New Topic 630 error, COM port in use pacmanfan1511/11/2003 11:22:28 AM
New Topic Lucent Soft modem AMR port in use under XP Home Widget1967311/11/2003 1:14:50 AM
New Topic Linksys PCMLM56 buddpaul611/7/2003 11:25:54 AM
New Topic plz help a newbie! how do I get caller ID/moh to  trasco511/7/2003 7:23:23 AM
New Topic ActiontecV.92CallWait.W-XP.Need Driver 
   Page 1 2 
Lockcuff2211/6/2003 1:11:49 AM
New Topic lucent pci modem status 30 rgardner11611/5/2003 11:19:38 AM
New Topic CPU usage on LT Winmodems pacmanfan411/4/2003 11:50:28 PM
New Topic 8.10, v.90 connections   Page 1 2 pacmanfan2211/3/2003 12:54:05 PM
New Topic How do I make incoming call on MOH audible Robb Yuan210/30/2003 9:15:49 AM
New Topic re: still stumped on PB modem migrox210/28/2003 11:13:47 AM
New Topic problems with new driver marshie1510/26/2003 1:43:58 PM
New Topic re: need modem help migrox310/26/2003 9:51:07 AM
New Topic LTMOH172.exe file missing? jimlinda_16511410/26/2003 9:41:20 AM
Thread Closed Is there MOH for Connexant 56k Soft Modem? jimlinda_16511510/25/2003 5:14:29 PM
New Topic Blaster eliminated! Now, about speed? 
   Page 1 2 
jimlinda_165112710/25/2003 8:57:19 AM
New Topic Actiontec with LTMOH 1.72 habarnas110/21/2003 10:08:05 AM
New Topic Double handshake with V92 modem 
   Page 1 2 
mcgough1910/18/2003 6:26:12 PM
New Topic 31.2kps with 56k Agere V.92? jimlinda_16511710/17/2003 12:31:28 PM
New Topic V.Richard - New Modem getting slower connects jstewart210/17/2003 11:20:37 AM
New Topic Is AOL Problems related to modem? disneywbb810/17/2003 7:46:48 AM
New Topic Help installing your Modem jimlinda_16511310/16/2003 11:19:34 AM
New Topic Modem hanging up computer? helengayle310/11/2003 6:38:23 AM
New Topic reinstallation of LTwinmodem 1648 faychin610/6/2003 9:02:24 AM
New Topic printer use causes disconnect from internet wildchildde1210/5/2003 8:09:53 PM
New Topic Lucent Agere Win Modem danelaine1510/3/2003 8:23:06 AM
New Topic connection problems with new hp desktop dgruber129/30/2003 12:42:19 AM
New Topic Ltmoh not working right ???? mono39/27/2003 10:37:58 AM
New Topic fax for lt win 1648 modem faychin59/24/2003 10:34:02 PM
New Topic Model: I56LVP-F50 vs I56LVP-F70 w/ Ltmoh mono29/24/2003 8:54:27 PM
New Topic Random Disconnect Daedric89/24/2003 5:40:47 AM
New Topic Results of Modem Check Scottiet89/23/2003 9:39:16 AM
New Topic second modem wierd after install dlewis200249/23/2003 9:02:44 AM
New Topic K Flex Scottiet29/23/2003 8:37:08 AM
New Topic W2K Installation Problem brooz8859/23/2003 8:35:25 AM
New Topic Modem Not Functional pcdumb29/19/2003 9:27:43 PM
New Topic modem identification holuigue39/18/2003 4:39:22 PM
New Topic Commas helengayle39/17/2003 10:02:55 AM
New Topic Hyperterminal Results helengayle19/16/2003 12:00:02 AM
New Topic Fast Connection helengayle29/15/2003 10:22:22 AM
New Topic Windows Update-New Driver helengayle19/15/2003 7:36:07 AM
New Topic "No Dial Tone" Error   Page 1 2 helengayle189/15/2003 4:30:22 AM
New Topic Called ID doesn't work helengayle29/13/2003 8:48:26 AM
New Topic Modemsite Modem troubles helengayle09/13/2003 5:51:43 AM
New Topic Windows XP Pro does not recognise PCI Soft Model woisky29/8/2003 11:25:04 PM
New Topic Issues with LT Modem and NetZero EPOLSEN99/4/2003 9:04:51 AM
New Topic Slow after online for several minutes staflac01139/1/2003 8:48:19 AM
New Topic "not valid win32 application" prisandbud65178/31/2003 6:15:43 AM
New Topic (MoH 1.64, .68, .72) Please close port error pacmanfan78/30/2003 10:20:57 PM
New Topic forcing RAS-id onto session log (Agere) jpers58/29/2003 9:56:07 AM
New Topic Lucent Win Modem for Dell Inspirion pamechur28/27/2003 4:32:58 AM
New Topic No dialtone ... robertmg28/19/2003 12:53:31 PM
New Topic Weird problem After Installing modemsite Winmodem bbersted38/19/2003 9:46:27 AM
New Topic Modem Connectivity fmwar228/17/2003 8:10:52 AM
New Topic Installed 8.30 but got 8.23? fxt838818/16/2003 9:24:12 AM
New Topic moh not working any assistance appreciated grosse148/15/2003 12:58:46 PM
New Topic LT Winmodem jdexter9368/14/2003 10:29:41 AM
New Topic Lucent Win Modem driver update bhacker68/13/2003 9:27:25 AM
New Topic MoH not working... pacmanfan18/13/2003 9:24:28 AM
New Topic Slower after upgrade to XP cjbigboy58/13/2003 9:15:25 AM
New Topic New 'LT' Driver - 8.30 v.Richard08/7/2003 1:14:41 PM
New Topic modem on hold mvit6078/6/2003 9:22:39 AM
New Topic BSODs using 8.02 special wtsitmn108/6/2003 9:05:00 AM
New Topic Driver Update 8.28 from 8.20 fmwar218/6/2003 9:00:50 AM
New Topic driver update 2.1.31 bigbargains4u47/30/2003 10:57:58 AM
New Topic driver berger5617/29/2003 10:58:23 PM
New Topic How to get caller ID on MoH? MikeWrite87/25/2003 2:05:46 PM
New Topic Lucent Soft Modem AMR problems Journeyman37/25/2003 10:46:58 AM
New Topic HV90P-T and V.92 pacmanfan37/23/2003 7:06:01 PM
New Topic Zoom 3049L mopar117/23/2003 7:04:21 PM
New Topic Only get v34 connection wallaw37/23/2003 7:01:09 PM
New Topic modem wont work rlrufus57/18/2003 2:17:16 PM
New Topic MOH audible sound Ghouldini77/17/2003 4:49:24 PM
New Topic v.92 and the 1646 chipset mrcs37/17/2003 12:15:00 AM
New Topic W2 and V.92 vs V.90 Ken F.27/15/2003 3:38:17 PM
New Topic Help needed to install new driver calsea57/12/2003 11:00:03 AM
New Topic Setup doesn't work calsea17/11/2003 11:04:01 AM
New Topic modemsite V.92 DSP modem micoslat17/8/2003 5:05:02 PM
New Topic SV92P Caller ID circuit Jerry Pedroni37/7/2003 5:45:22 PM
New Topic Busy signal on modem reconnect redmiata37/5/2003 9:15:51 AM
New Topic Modemsite v92 DSP Modem Henry16827/4/2003 10:01:49 AM
New Topic My modem fizzles out wolfman17/2/2003 1:34:57 PM
New Topic Need drivers for a Lucent modem... pacmanfan47/2/2003 1:32:22 PM
New Topic 1 of 3 MOH calls defaults to voice. faychin87/1/2003 8:56:16 PM
New Topic MOH works intermittently azw66/30/2003 7:08:15 PM
New Topic Viking Components modem and Juno rejto36/28/2003 5:00:02 PM
New Topic MOH 170 and above fsheps26/27/2003 4:12:49 PM
New Topic Lucent 1648T00 compatible with LTMOH? MrAlaska76/24/2003 5:00:01 PM
New Topic agere system modem icke7016/24/2003 2:02:38 PM
New Topic Disconnected after Modem-On-Hold 
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staffeman176/24/2003 1:20:11 PM
New Topic External Actiontec (LT) w/ Win2000 Problem Vcarvis16/21/2003 11:15:55 PM
New Topic couldn't open port noelshan26/20/2003 2:18:35 PM
New Topic Some LT winmodem Qs pacmanfan76/20/2003 1:06:40 AM
New Topic LT Modem silencing gbass0116/17/2003 9:53:50 AM
New Topic hangup icke7016/15/2003 4:47:34 PM
New Topic Using Hyperterminal to detect MoH? EW16/14/2003 4:26:39 PM
New Topic agere modem w/ MOH does not work right. nnex66/13/2003 9:26:52 AM
New Topic ISA vs PCI greendyk16/13/2003 9:21:25 AM
New Topic V.92 Connection Trouble fredley76/11/2003 1:36:10 PM
New Topic which DAA chip is best? Please help... jakkwbgc16/8/2003 12:14:43 PM
New Topic Problem installing 8.28 driver in WinXP darenmoon86/6/2003 4:11:30 PM
New Topic LT Win Modem Handshake problem with XP rjheckma36/5/2003 9:47:07 AM
New Topic LTMOH- Fast connect keelhauler16/4/2003 6:22:58 PM
New Topic SV92P soft modem Juno connect problem Jerry Pedroni66/4/2003 4:49:13 PM
New Topic Pls recommend notebook modem w/Lucent/Agere Chip zsuzsa05/23/2003 7:32:37 PM
New Topic Voice jacob_fehr15/20/2003 12:21:16 AM
New Topic WINLT Modem on Winbook Z1 KCailteux15/20/2003 12:20:20 AM
New Topic LT Win Modem AOL 4.0 Connection 14.4 Jim Snively15/17/2003 7:45:15 PM
New Topic Lt Win Download Help Carpathian15/17/2003 7:43:37 PM
New Topic PCI Device ID fsheps25/13/2003 9:55:49 AM
New Topic how do I check compression Shawv45/12/2003 9:13:47 PM
New Topic Time for new modem? Jolycu55/7/2003 8:33:16 PM
New Topic Phantom ModemOnHold phonecalls on 1648C faychin125/7/2003 7:05:55 PM
New Topic Why won't my Modem answer a ring back? 
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simonpipe235/7/2003 1:11:22 AM
New Topic Delay in Loading Web Pages petrow55/5/2003 2:56:16 PM
New Topic 1648C restarts the computer   Page 1 2 3 4 mint567485/5/2003 10:48:42 AM
New Topic LT Win Driver 8.28 v.Richard65/4/2003 8:00:59 PM
New Topic modemsite dsp modem probs my56kmodem25/2/2003 1:57:48 PM
New Topic soft modem or DSP modem for win2000 system faychin35/2/2003 1:56:15 PM
New Topic New MoH 1.71 - audible alert v.Richard154/29/2003 8:39:40 PM
New Topic v92 dsp modem connects slow my56kmodem14/29/2003 6:21:38 PM
New Topic Actiontec 56K PCI V92 Call Waiting modem, no MOH benderda24/27/2003 10:16:51 AM
New Topic D/L access denied jmurr34/26/2003 11:36:47 AM
New Topic SV92P won't connect   Page 1 2 3 blackcloud404/25/2003 4:31:21 PM
New Topic MOH enabled local number not available dorway44/25/2003 1:29:51 PM
New Topic Lugent/Agere problem--data stop/starts 
   Page 1 2 3 4 
bgosper544/19/2003 1:02:42 PM
New Topic XP's 8.26 Driver Download? fxt838824/19/2003 10:09:30 AM
New Topic connect speeds in low 30s bruce24/18/2003 11:59:02 AM
New Topic LT Win driver 8.24 vs. 8.23 mthompso24/17/2003 10:51:32 AM
New Topic No Sound in WIN XP from Lucent LT gyurika124/13/2003 6:11:35 AM
New Topic The Modemsite LT Win Modem did something strange MrAlaska84/12/2003 9:10:05 PM
New Topic MOH disconnects ISP in 2 seconds-all else looks go faychin94/12/2003 9:19:13 AM
New Topic Sound Alert for modem on hold? keelhauler24/9/2003 10:11:13 AM
New Topic Verification right driver(8.24) & MOH Applet(1 faychin24/8/2003 7:06:48 PM
New Topic LT Win-Hangs on com port query Win2K 
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kwoodside214/7/2003 8:16:01 AM
New Topic Modem takes too long to hang-up rdones14/5/2003 9:35:47 PM
New Topic Lucent WinModem will not Receive 
   Page 1 2 
Velda164/5/2003 12:02:59 PM
New Topic DCE not showing up after connection with ISP rdones24/3/2003 2:46:42 PM
New Topic Can't connect KFlex or V90 Somtaaw154/2/2003 3:33:55 PM
New Topic call history operation LT Winmodem 1648 faychin24/1/2003 7:39:10 PM
New Topic LT 1641B ISA suddenly won't connect V.90 gospelmidi63/31/2003 1:59:54 PM
New Topic MOH does not work with 1648c modem dorway133/31/2003 11:38:17 AM
New Topic A Successful 54666 connect (for 30 min) Troubled_user53/30/2003 8:06:27 PM
New Topic ENF656-GSW-AGPR- AGERE/LUCENT LwinStein93/30/2003 5:07:14 AM
New Topic Need Help with MoH   Page 1 2 Cobra163/28/2003 10:31:15 PM
New Topic AOL and Modem On Hold gehopper183/28/2003 11:07:01 AM
New Topic Modem-on-hold Problem: Level3 turned it off v.Richard13/27/2003 9:02:01 AM
New Topic it installs, dials, but won't connect! prikk83/27/2003 8:00:45 AM
New Topic MOH: Dead Air After Voice Pickup sfjacobs33/24/2003 9:44:56 AM
New Topic Flash failure on Zoom's 2985 USB model rdones03/23/2003 1:32:26 PM
New Topic Lucent Modem Driver Version 8.27 ezrider133/22/2003 2:14:12 PM
New Topic Uninstalling MOH v1.68 taylb36713/20/2003 11:24:30 PM
New Topic Modem disconnecting after xp installation 
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Niki193/20/2003 11:38:17 AM
New Topic Sound when the MOH box pops up Tangoted13/14/2003 9:07:01 AM
New Topic Dials but won't connect rjockey23/13/2003 1:40:45 AM
New Topic Lucent Winmodem not hanging up imaweb33/12/2003 9:22:16 AM
New Topic Lucent Win Modem. 5/79 Jonwal923/8/2003 10:57:31 AM
New Topic Early Compaq Presario Owners & XP...IS this IT usagi11163/7/2003 10:31:10 AM
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New Topic can`t install win98Se driver on Acer Travelmate 52 toutdesuit23/5/2003 10:21:11 AM
New Topic V 92 Update Results ezrider23/5/2003 5:13:35 AM
New Topic modem disappears cwalling23/2/2003 2:40:44 PM
New Topic Still trying to get modem on hold to work tomdecamp63/1/2003 2:30:10 AM
New Topic Disconnecting w/ Call Waiting   Page 1 2 magnesia182/28/2003 4:37:45 PM
New Topic modemsite v92 dsp modem   Page 1 2 3 4 dickster45552/28/2003 1:16:39 AM
New Topic which driver????HELP skydragon122/26/2003 7:33:15 PM
New Topic 8.24 exe package ezrider52/26/2003 11:28:22 AM
New Topic 8.20 V92 DRIVER DOWNLOAD ezrider92/26/2003 11:25:53 AM
New Topic Which Drive???HELP #2 skydragon02/23/2003 12:43:30 PM
New Topic dial tone with 6.04 purple22/23/2003 12:46:01 AM
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New Topic TRANSMIT SPEED STUCK ON 28800 dise82/21/2003 6:38:47 PM
New Topic V.92 DSP Modem: Good connect speed, little or no t StephenW22/21/2003 9:45:54 AM
New Topic Features of Modemsite Softmodem-Agere V.92SV92P? 
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cauge162/20/2003 11:02:37 PM
New Topic I'm in Disconnect Hell rickc7742/20/2003 4:08:06 PM
New Topic Getting Modem on hold to work tomdecamp12/19/2003 12:43:07 AM
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New Topic Web Congestion? rickc7772/15/2003 10:00:12 AM
New Topic Toshiba Laptop Driver rpelfrey32/14/2003 9:00:29 PM
New Topic Signal/Noise? rickc7712/14/2003 8:55:52 PM
New Topic 34.6 connect max and 45 sec connect time mtindell21142/11/2003 9:44:02 AM
New Topic Painfully slow DUN GreggC152/10/2003 4:11:12 PM
New Topic Pages cannot be displayed jackco52/8/2003 12:47:05 PM
New Topic unable to connect docskidz42/4/2003 9:27:51 AM
New Topic No Dialtone kzada42/3/2003 7:41:45 AM
New Topic New driver 2.1.22 and MOH v 1.70 fsheps42/2/2003 10:36:02 AM
New Topic IRQ`s 00062/2/2003 4:53:39 AM
New Topic LT WinModem connects at 28.8   Page 1 2 bill1971182/1/2003 12:48:52 PM
New Topic Backup registry question bill197121/31/2003 10:57:57 AM
New Topic Changing Com Port   Page 1 2 joeyparrot211/31/2003 8:34:22 AM
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New Topic What files? jangee21/15/2003 12:35:17 AM
New Topic WIN 2k, Agere V.92 56K PCI Modem sucks 
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Hawkman191/14/2003 11:27:57 AM
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New Topic I have Compaq Lucent v.90 DF modem, which drivers  madcowz101/11/2003 11:47:24 AM
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New Topic Agere 1648C Speakerphone? plinder11/10/2003 7:36:07 AM
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New Topic XP install for Lucent LT jackpron11/4/2003 9:30:26 AM
New Topic Zoom 3025 questions dmcritchie31/4/2003 6:45:56 AM
New Topic Lucent modem dload speed reduces after 1 hour of c 
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wizman161/2/2003 3:54:08 PM
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New Topic Using different init strings per connection. cbartholomew812/18/2002 7:26:30 PM
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New Topic MOH Not working nnex1012/17/2002 11:11:18 AM
New Topic modemsite v92 softmodem paulmac1512/16/2002 10:12:45 PM
New Topic Lucent Win Modem Firmware Resources 
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longdrive2112/16/2002 3:34:10 PM
New Topic audible notification with modem-on-hold darenmoon012/16/2002 2:57:36 PM
New Topic Disconnect on Call Waiting Mojonba1112/16/2002 10:40:35 AM
New Topic LT Win Modem :: winupdate or modemsite codyb04912/16/2002 9:45:14 AM
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New Topic How to tell if I updated properly. Please read. Cool007212/14/2002 7:56:39 AM
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New Topic lucent ver. 8.2 driver mdrn57212/13/2002 9:16:28 AM
New Topic Caller ID DonKin112/12/2002 5:10:19 PM
New Topic Actiontec v.90 PCI Call Waiting (Venus) / win2kSP3 hredd612/12/2002 11:27:03 AM
New Topic Modem on Hold not working joe dignan112/10/2002 12:56:44 AM
New Topic 56K V.90 Data/Fax Modem (LKT) datamaster812/10/2002 12:27:47 AM
New Topic modem not connected to netonhold jheas612/7/2002 10:32:17 AM
New Topic lucent/Agere v.92/.44 driver-(no audio) nvnvsag412/7/2002 10:28:44 AM
New Topic modemsite agere modem s drysdale112/4/2002 4:08:15 PM
New Topic Agere(Lucent) PCI V.92/V.44 Modem moritz1512/4/2002 4:55:20 AM
New Topic LT Soft Modem AMR on DELL Latitude 710 marinade611/29/2002 4:38:45 PM
New Topic LT LUCENT/AGERE v.92/.44 PCI DATA/FAX nvnvsag111/29/2002 9:41:07 AM
New Topic Agere SV92P (Scorpio) "No Dialtone" prob trevorc111/29/2002 9:32:56 AM
New Topic Modemsite V92 Softmodem................. xHAWKx1211/24/2002 12:48:13 PM
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New Topic Zoom and port speed. jdong611/22/2002 9:27:14 AM
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New Topic xp connection emart698210/6/2002 10:07:06 AM
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New Topic XP connection ignoring prompts rptimberwolf149/8/2002 2:53:00 PM
New Topic PC locks up after 20 minutes online 
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SeniorP219/6/2002 4:24:04 PM
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New Topic v.92 modem good news and bad news 
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giltheissen196/21/2002 12:45:08 PM
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New Topic my chipset and PCI Tree giltheissen65/25/2002 1:13:15 PM
   Page 1 2 
Fire_Scorpian185/21/2002 7:58:33 AM
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New Topic Unable to Connect valesano135/17/2002 1:25:57 PM
New Topic Confusion about V92 Drivers nickroberts125/17/2002 1:01:39 PM
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New Topic Zoom 56k V.92/V.44 pci intermal faxmodem (3025N mo 
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Fire_Scorpian195/16/2002 6:05:32 AM
New Topic LT & V.92 Troubled_user25/9/2002 2:52:15 PM
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New Topic My Modem Is Connecting To V.90 Mode Not V.92 Why i 
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RDZLYZ173/26/2002 5:13:22 AM
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New Topic do all lt's work with moh? conquest8933/25/2002 10:38:34 AM
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New Topic TL Win Modem & Cell Phone bollwerj53/20/2002 2:09:01 PM
New Topic Help Please - Richard and/or Charles 
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SiMoN163/19/2002 8:05:47 PM
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New Topic New 6.04 driver available - Win XP 
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v.Richard193/17/2002 8:29:30 PM
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New Topic Lucent / Agere modem cannot be detected 
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sleeperph2012/27/2001 8:03:08 PM
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New Topic Windows XP problem..please help!!! 
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samstidham1611/15/2001 9:41:17 AM
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New Topic connects, but does not send or receive 
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caldabomb2410/18/2001 5:12:29 PM
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