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New Topic Windows does not detect Zoom 2836A V.34 faxmodem hephaestos03/14/2009 12:30:16 PM
New Topic Firmware of CX06832-12 gogowatch112/10/2008 1:17:14 PM
New Topic Motorola sm56 modem tomperu112/10/2008 1:16:53 PM
New Topic what commands to answer in fax mode duraace14/28/2007 9:22:31 PM
New Topic Windows Vista and Init Strings charlesswetland22/22/2007 8:20:35 PM
New Topic NO DIALTONE MESSAGE 196612/8/2007 4:20:34 AM
New Topic Netwaiting reports all incoming calls as PRIVATE motocrossmannn512/16/2005 7:50:15 AM
New Topic Telephone Alert mbrown512/2/2005 7:06:18 PM
New Topic Disconnecting modem cause reboot Jolycu811/29/2005 10:31:24 AM
New Topic HCF vs HCF2 drivers - Same? Or No? motocrossmannn311/6/2005 8:30:16 AM
New Topic Modem says "Restricted" damon111/3/2005 8:38:34 PM
New Topic Modem connects, then disconnects 30 seconds later russb110/10/2005 11:19:35 PM
New Topic SoftK56V_B2.1_V7.04.05.51 ipakenny18/14/2005 8:41:33 AM
New Topic I GUESS this is the right sub-forum kjavds28/2/2005 9:28:59 AM
New Topic Compaq HCF Modem Driver Compatibility metal32116/17/2005 7:01:00 PM
New Topic real dial tone puzzle Anthonie15/17/2005 9:40:23 AM
New Topic Modem help please Kingxray15/15/2005 11:06:07 PM
New Topic modem chip was blank delong3215/15/2005 11:03:38 PM
New Topic disconnects when call is received J. D.15/15/2005 11:02:18 PM
New Topic frequent disconnect on a Broadxent modem drob9914/25/2005 6:37:16 AM
New Topic conexant hsf wont install on IBM 300PL djpettey@tampaba23/16/2005 8:42:22 PM
New Topic motorola modem eye123/9/2005 7:56:26 AM
New Topic correct driver morganjo23/2/2005 6:50:25 AM
New Topic Modem on hold does not work slangle42/3/2005 6:51:06 PM
New Topic Can't connect at more than 28.8 dzajic61/15/2005 3:58:04 AM
New Topic netopia r2121 dual analog dialup router gemst3r11/10/2005 10:21:09 PM
New Topic V92? guardian010/18/2004 7:58:50 PM
New Topic Trying to perform a "trick"... lmame19/28/2004 2:25:54 PM
New Topic Http/1.1 Service Unavailable Logan68/23/2004 11:29:59 AM
New Topic Modem help needed. guardian08/23/2004 10:27:37 AM
New Topic HP NOTEBOOK? shady0123138/5/2004 11:28:19 AM
New Topic Zoom 3075c PCMCIA modem Caller ID nealadavis107/30/2004 9:14:09 AM
New Topic Is there a Modem-on-hold app for HSP? kjavds27/20/2004 10:36:30 AM
New Topic HP NOTEBOOK AGAIN shady012327/15/2004 7:07:13 AM
New Topic 56USBSP/ACF Modem   Page 1 2 zackrspv197/9/2004 12:02:43 PM
New Topic Modem ID dej6327/7/2004 8:14:21 AM
New Topic Zoom V92 USB Mini FaxModem Jolycu96/30/2004 5:43:27 PM
New Topic Settings for the Doctor's booster MissMinerva15/26/2004 12:51:34 AM
New Topic Weird syndrome on disconnect; maybe correctable wi kjavds75/10/2004 6:43:35 AM
New Topic Aceex Speakerphone not working properly seanquery11/25/2004 8:24:27 AM
New Topic HCF2 mint56721/21/2004 9:13:23 PM
New Topic Aceex v.92 (Conecant HCF) MOH app? randy.roberts71/21/2004 8:58:44 PM
New Topic Netwaiting Jolycu41/13/2004 4:13:26 AM
New Topic Conexant Soft56k, onboard VAIO notebook modem laddboyy76212/20/2003 6:54:09 PM
New Topic driver ver greg.chi212/11/2003 9:05:40 PM
New Topic eMachines & Connexant Modems/MOH possible? jimlinda_16511512/2/2003 8:59:17 AM
New Topic Drivers mdrn57011/26/2003 1:06:29 PM
New Topic Pctel gobarryf811/22/2003 2:56:13 PM
New Topic Zoom ACF External Modem   Page 1 2 jimbo622111/22/2003 10:38:50 AM
New Topic speeds as slow as 26.4 mom2three1311/17/2003 2:16:25 PM
New Topic Strange Speed Slow down sblac123111/16/2003 1:19:24 PM
New Topic Setting Country in XP tsherr411/7/2003 2:14:12 AM
New Topic HP NOTEBOOK shady9111211/7/2003 12:48:18 AM
New Topic Told to look for Fujitsu... dgdclynx910/31/2003 1:58:53 AM
New Topic netwaiting crann01510/26/2003 10:23:56 AM
New Topic About Lite Version of beta-drivers Dima210/24/2003 10:50:14 AM
New Topic The infamous Dell/Actiontec/MD560RD - connects meditek710/22/2003 12:18:20 PM
New Topic XP HCD Busy error 633   Page 1 2 dvalcor1610/21/2003 1:39:54 AM
New Topic Removing Wave Serial Drivers in Aopen fm56 sarahs angel310/15/2003 1:42:53 AM
New Topic Do I need to update my driver? bonner22510/8/2003 10:09:54 AM
New Topic HCF 56K Modem in Sony PCG-F560 (WinXP) leecogan910/1/2003 9:07:45 AM
New Topic r6795-12 voice feature on windows xp? hanksmith469/25/2003 11:04:17 AM
New Topic Rockwell 56k Flex Modem threebs.nd59/13/2003 10:02:12 AM
New Topic HP laptop with Conexant 56K ACLink DataFax Modem Jolycu29/8/2003 11:26:36 PM
New Topic Rockwell chipsets on Ascend hardware Ray2118/30/2003 11:16:15 AM
New Topic Updating Firmware/Software for Rockwell HCF wrwecksler38/26/2003 12:32:40 AM
New Topic Modem Log dmagill18/17/2003 10:23:32 AM
New Topic Consistent Wrong Modem Installation NoahHorstock48/17/2003 5:02:11 AM
New Topic Zoom 3049C Problems   Page 1 2 dmagill168/10/2003 5:49:40 PM
New Topic Response Codes cmf57/18/2003 9:22:41 AM
New Topic Voice on Soft56K HSF Modem bwilkin127/4/2003 6:05:28 PM
New Topic Conexant in Add/Remove janlo16/21/2003 11:20:16 PM
New Topic Conexant HSF & HCF Enumerators beachbum36/13/2003 9:37:27 AM
New Topic modems disconnections marvinphillips16/11/2003 11:57:13 AM
New Topic Driver for HCF modem VT82C596/A/B stevejw7116/11/2003 11:52:51 AM
New Topic Caller ID and TFM-PCIV92 JeffCraven76/5/2003 4:21:31 AM
New Topic Conexant Modem too slow srlippross15/18/2003 1:46:08 AM
New Topic basic driver needed rguice35/16/2003 10:17:57 AM
New Topic Conexant Caller ID problem psychoholica15/10/2003 7:13:25 AM
New Topic MOH - beginner questions schillyfarms15/4/2003 10:34:10 AM
New Topic IS this a hard or soft modem, Smart HSFi V.92 56K  Lockcuff74/26/2003 10:11:04 PM
New Topic Possible soft/hardward conflict? lfoster14/20/2003 10:36:25 PM
New Topic presario 5070 starzan24/17/2003 5:22:37 PM
New Topic Driver Steve Hughins13/29/2003 12:58:55 AM
New Topic PC to Till comms prob using HCF Modem walshd23/24/2003 1:16:54 AM
New Topic HCF 56K Rockwell data/fax/voice modem driver active22/24/2003 3:43:30 AM
New Topic Slow Connects Tharsus142/22/2003 6:38:48 PM
New Topic modem on hold init string problem eagle22232/19/2003 9:31:51 AM
New Topic Call Waiting/Caller ID nitewind12/15/2003 8:19:08 PM
New Topic no dial tone brc62/11/2003 12:25:50 AM
New Topic Creative Blaster Di5633 MOH disconnects bjgood92/9/2003 7:41:55 PM
New Topic Conexant flash hook (!) commands rwalker41/29/2003 9:29:39 AM
New Topic lucent soft modem winxp nautas11/22/2003 11:59:49 AM
New Topic Re. Modem won't Answer Part 2 PRW11/19/2003 3:40:07 PM
New Topic Modem won't answer...??? PRW41/16/2003 1:43:07 AM
New Topic conexant V90 for Win98 raf71111/10/2003 9:32:04 AM
New Topic help on connection with new v.92 v.44 sarel11/7/2003 6:16:53 AM
New Topic Is Creative DI5631 a good voice/speakerphone modem dmcritchie01/4/2003 6:40:00 AM
New Topic doc's hcf xp driver only for a few countries? 
   Page 1 2 
ash1712/30/2002 7:19:28 AM
New Topic How to force disconect w/ call waiting fobregon712/27/2002 10:53:48 AM
New Topic Rockwell PCI56RVP Install files Pepperbox912/7/2002 1:20:36 PM
New Topic Conexant Soft56K Modem(M) sarahmc912/5/2002 10:32:47 AM

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